What is Artisan Style?

Artisan Style refers to a design aesthetic that emphasizes handcrafted elements and materials.


At its core, Artisan Style in interior design celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the unique, often imperceptible, characteristics that only handcrafted items can offer. This approach often involves integrating items that are not only made by hand but also have a story or history behind them. From furniture to decor, every element chosen in the Artisan Style seeks to add warmth, texture, and a personal touch to a space.

Embracing a mix of materials is a hallmark of this style, with a notable preference for natural, sustainable, or reclaimed materials that have been transformed into something beautiful by skilled craftsmen. Whether it's a hand-blown glass lamp, a custom-made wooden table, or a handwoven rug, each piece contributes to a sense of authenticity and individuality within the space.

Artisan Style also crosses paths with several other design philosophies, such as sustainability and eco friendly design, indicating a shared value for materials and processes that are kind to the planet. It champions the idea that design can be both beautiful and ethical, drawing attention to the work of artisan communities around the world and their cultural traditions in craftsmanship.


Artisan Style can be found in various settings, from a cozy home interior where handcrafted quilts and pottery add personal charm, to a boutique hotel adorned with local artisan pieces to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. It's a style that values the story behind each piece, making spaces feel more connected to the people and processes behind their creation.


  • Is Artisan Style the same as handmade?

    While "handmade" is a term that broadly categorizes items made by hand, Artisan Style goes further by integrating these items into a cohesive interior design aesthetic that values craftsmanship and story-telling elements.

  • Can Artisan Style be combined with other design styles?

    Absolutely! Artisan Style can be beautifully melded with other design styles such as rustic, bohemian, and even modern designs, adding depth and personal touch to the overall decor.

  • How can I incorporate Artisan Style into my home?

    Start by incorporating pieces that are handcrafted or have a unique story. This could be through furniture, decorative items, or even materials used in the construction or finish of your space. Prioritize authenticity and items that speak to you personally for a truly artisan-inspired home.

Practical Application

To incorporate the Artisan Style into your space, focus on selecting pieces that not only appeal to you aesthetically but also carry a story or craftsmanship that you value. Look for opportunities to incorporate handcrafted or natural materials in your furniture, decorations, or finishes. Attend local craft fairs or markets, or work directly with artisans and craftsmen for custom pieces to give your space a personal and authentic touch.