What is a Center Draw?

A center draw refers to a method of opening window treatments, such as curtains or drapes, from the center outward.


A center draw, often referred to in the realm of interior design, is a specific style of window treatment operation where curtains or drapes are pulled to open from the center of the window toward the sides. This method is especially suitable for larger windows or sliding glass doors, allowing equal parts of the window to be covered or uncovered from the middle. The center draw mechanism can be manual, where the curtains are drawn by pulling them apart by hand, or motorized, offering a touch of modern convenience with the press of a button or a remote control operation.

Center draw treatments offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, they provide versatile light control and privacy options, as they can be adjusted to fully cover the window, partially open from the center, or fully drawn back to allow maximum light. Aesthetically, they create a symmetrical appearance when open, making them a popular choice for creating a focal point in a room or enhancing a room's visual balance. Depending on the fabric and style chosen, center draw curtains or drapes can complement various design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

In addition, center draw window treatments can be supplemented with decorative objects such as tie-backs or holdbacks, adding an extra layer of style and functionality. When closed, they can form a soft, elegant backdrop to a room, and when open, they neatly frame the window or glass door, offering an unobstructed view of the outdoors.


In a modern living room with large, floor-to-ceiling windows, center draw curtains provide privacy when closed and allow for an unobstructed view of the garden when open. The symmetry created by the center draw mechanism complements the room's contemporary design and adds to its aesthetic appeal. In another example, a bedroom with sliding glass doors leading to a patio uses center draw drapes to offer light control, allowing the homeowner to adjust the drapes for complete darkness for sleeping or to gently filter morning light.


  • Can center draw curtains be used on all types of windows?

    Center draw curtains are most suitable for larger windows or sliding glass doors but can be adapted for use on smaller windows if desired. The key is ensuring the curtains are proportionate to the window size.

  • Is it possible to motorize existing center draw curtains?

    Yes, it's possible to retrofit existing center draw curtains with a motorized system, depending on the curtain's design and weight. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper functionality.

  • Are center draw window treatments more expensive than other types?

    The cost can vary widely based on the fabric, design, and whether the system is manual or motorized. Center draw treatments can be cost-competitive with other window treatment styles, especially when opting for a manual system.

Practical Application

When selecting center draw window treatments, consider the overall design theme of your room to ensure the fabric and style complement your decor. For large windows or sliding doors, measure the width accurately to guarantee full coverage when closed. If opting for motorization, consult with a professional to discuss the best motorized system for your specific needs and ensure it can be integrated seamlessly with your existing home automation systems, if available.