What is a Prie-Dieu Chair?

A Prie-Dieu Chair is a type of chair designed for private prayer and devotion.


A Prie-Dieu Chair, which translates from French as "pray to God", is designed specifically for individuals to kneel and pray comfortably in a private setting. This unique piece of furniture combines elements of both a chair and a kneeler, often featuring a tall, slender structure with a padded area for kneeling and a small shelf or rest for a book or elbows.

Historically, Prie-Dieu Chairs have been used in private chapels and homes for personal devotion, characterized by their simplicity and the spiritual function they serve. In more recent times, they've also found a place in the world of interior design as decorative elements in homes, reflecting a blend of spirituality and style. Their design can vary, from highly ornamental and indicative of certain historical periods to simpler, more contemporary styles.

The versatility of the Prie-Dieu Chair allows it to fit within various interior design contexts, whether as a functional piece for personal reflection or an aesthetic element complementing a home's decor. Some may feature intricate carvings and rich materials, while others embrace minimalism with clean lines and understated elegance.


In a home, a Prie-Dieu Chair may be placed in a quiet corner, personal study, or dedicated prayer room, serving as a focal point for spiritual reflection. In design settings, it might be used to add a historical or spiritual dimension to a room's theme, functioning both as a conversation piece and a decorative item.


  • Is the Prie-Dieu Chair suitable for everyday seating?

    No, the Prie-Dieu Chair is designed primarily for kneeling and prayer rather than conventional seating.

  • Can the design of a Prie-Dieu Chair be customized?

    Yes, like many pieces of furniture, the design and materials of a Prie-Dieu Chair can be customized to fit specific interior decors or personal tastes.

  • Are Prie-Dieu Chairs found only in religious settings?

    While traditionally used in religious settings, Prie-Dieu Chairs are also incorporated into residential interiors for both their spiritual significance and decorative appeal.

Practical Application

When incorporating a Prie-Dieu Chair into your home, consider placing it in a peaceful spot where it can serve its intended purpose of facilitating private prayer or reflection. Ensure the area is serene, perhaps with soft lighting and minimal distractions. If using it as a decorative piece, think about how its style can complement your existing decor, whether you're looking for a piece that makes a statement or blends seamlessly into the space.