What is Sourcing?

Sourcing in interior design refers to the process of finding and selecting various materials, products, and services needed to bring a design vision to life.


Sourcing is a critical step in the interior design process that involves researching, identifying, and acquiring the best materials, products, and services to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional goals of a project. Professional designers employ sourcing to scout for unique furniture, bespoke textiles and upholstery, lighting [[fixtures and hardware]], artisan-crafted decorative objects, and other essential elements that make each space distinct and tailored to the client's preferences.

The process of sourcing not only focuses on the aesthetic and functional aspects but also includes considerations for budget, durability, sustainability, and the overall design styles and themes of a project. Designers might source items from a variety of places, including trade-only showrooms, online platforms, artisan workshops, and even global markets, to find the perfect fit for their designs.

Effective sourcing requires a vast network of suppliers and craftsmen, along with a deep understanding of current design trends, materials, and new technologies. It's an ongoing activity that helps interior designers stay innovative and offer clients the best solutions for their spaces.


An interior designer might source a custom-made rug from a local artisan for a client's living room redesign project, or they might find a vintage chandelier from an overseas market to add a unique touch to a boutique hotel lobby.


  • What factors do designers consider when sourcing for a project?

    Designers consider factors such as budget, aesthetics, durability, sustainability, the project's overall design style, and the client's preferences and needs when sourcing for a project.

  • Where do interior designers source materials and products?

    Interior designers source materials and products from a variety of places including trade-only showrooms, online platforms, artisan workshops, direct manufacturers, and even global markets.

  • How important is sourcing in the interior design process?

    Sourcing is a vital part of the interior design process as it directly impacts the aesthetic and functional outcome of a project, ensuring that every element aligns with the desired design vision and meets the client's needs.

Practical Application

When embarking on a sourcing expedition, always start with a clear vision and a comprehensive list of what's needed. Take the time to explore multiple suppliers and compare your options not just for pricing but also for quality, design, and sustainability. Establishing good relationships with vendors and artisans can also provide exclusive access to unique pieces and better deals.