What is Sinuous Springs?

Sinuous springs are S-shaped springs that are used in upholstered furniture to provide support.


Sinuous springs, often referred to as zigzag or serpentine springs, are an essential component in the construction of upholstered furniture. These S-shaped steel wires are tightly stretched across the frame of a piece of furniture, such as a sofa or chair, and are secured at either end. Sinuous springs are designed to offer consistent, resilient support over broad areas, making them a popular choice for seats and backs of furniture where comfort and durability are desired.

The advantage of using sinuous springs lies in their ability to flex and adjust, offering a comfortable seating experience. Unlike traditional coil springs that can sometimes create pressure points, sinuous springs distribute weight evenly, providing a smoother, more even support. Furthermore, they're also valued for their durability and ease of installation, making them a favored choice among furniture manufacturers and upholstery specialists.

When compared to other spring systems, sinuous springs offer a good balance between cost, comfort, and durability. For furniture pieces where deep cushioning is not as necessary, or for those aiming to achieve a stream-lined aesthetic without sacrificing support, sinuous springs serve as an ideal choice.


Sinuous springs are commonly used in the construction of sofas, loveseats, chairs, and other upholstered seating furniture. They can also be found in the bottoms of upholstered headboards and in certain types of outdoor furniture. Their implementation varies depending on the furniture's design, with bespoke furniture makers often utilizing them for custom-built pieces that require specific forms of support.


  • Are sinuous springs better than coil springs?

    Whether sinuous springs are "better" than coil springs depends on the application and personal preference. Sinuous springs are generally more cost-effective and provide a firmer support, which can be beneficial for certain types of seating. Coil springs, on the other hand, may offer a softer sit and may be preferred in high-end luxury furniture for their traditional appeal.

  • Can sinuous springs be replaced if they break?

    Yes, sinuous springs can be replaced if they break. Though relatively durable, like any other component, they can wear out or break with extensive use. Replacement involves removing the old springs and securing new ones to the frame, a process that can usually be handled by a professional upholster.

  • How do I know if my furniture has sinuous springs?

    To determine if your furniture has sinuous springs, you can often feel them through the fabric by pressing down on the seat or back. They may also be visible by looking underneath the furniture, where you might see the characteristic S-shaped springs stretched across the frame. Alternatively, consulting the furniture's manufacturing details or specifications can provide definitive information.

Practical Application

When selecting upholstered furniture, considering the type of spring system used can impact the comfort, support, and longevity of the piece. For those seeking a firmer seating experience and a good balance between cost and durability, choosing furniture with sinuous springs can be a wise decision. Additionally, for custom furniture projects or reupholstering, opting for sinuous springs can offer a versatile and reliable support system that's relatively easy to install.