What is a Poly Dacron Wrap?

A Poly Dacron Wrap is a layer of polyester fiber paired with Dacron used in upholstery for cushioning.


A Poly Dacron Wrap, in the world of interior design, refers to a specific combination of materials used to enhance the comfort and durability of furniture. This wrap features a blend of polyester fibers and Dacron (a branded type of polyester), which are layered together to create a soft, plush surface. The primary role of a Poly Dacron Wrap is to provide a cushioned layer that prevents the upholstery fabric from wearing against the underlying foam, thereby extending the life of the furniture piece.

This wrap is particularly important in the creation of cushions, sofas, chairs, and other types of upholstered furniture. By adding a luxurious layer of softness, it enhances the user's comfort without compromising the shape and structure of the piece. The Poly Dacron Wrap is carefully wrapped around the foam before the upholstery fabric is applied, ensuring a smooth, tailored appearance. This method not only offers aesthetic benefits by preventing lumps and bumps in the finish but also plays a crucial role in the longevity and maintenance of the furniture.

Due to its resilience and flexibility, a Poly Dacron Wrap can significantly contribute to the feel and lifespan of furniture. It balances the need for comfort with the demand for durable, long-lasting furnishings in both residential and commercial settings.


Furniture manufacturers frequently use Poly Dacron Wraps in the production of high-quality sofas, chairs, and cushions. Interior decorators and designers often specify products with a Poly Dacron Wrap to ensure comfort and durability in high-use areas. Upholsterers, likewise, might recommend adding or replacing a Poly Dacron Wrap during furniture restoration projects to rejuvenate old or worn pieces.


  • Is Poly Dacron Wrap necessary for all types of furniture?

    Not all furniture requires a Poly Dacron Wrap. It is especially beneficial for pieces that need extra cushioning for comfort or are subject to frequent use, where durability is a concern.

  • Can a Poly Dacron Wrap be added to existing furniture?

    Yes, a Poly Dacron Wrap can be added to existing furniture by a professional upholsterer during a re-upholstery or restoration project to enhance comfort and prolong the item's life.

  • How does Poly Dacron Wrap affect the maintenance of furniture?

    Furniture with a Poly Dacron Wrap is generally easier to maintain, as the wrap can prevent the upholstery fabric from becoming too stretched or worn. However, it doesn't affect the cleaning procedures for the upholstery fabric itself.

Practical Application

When considering adding or replacing a Poly Dacron Wrap, consult with a professional upholsterer to ensure that the right thickness and density of the wrap are selected for your specific piece of furniture. This attention to detail can significantly enhance the comfort and longevity of your furniture.