What is a Kick Pleat?

A kick pleat is a single, inverted pleat typically located at the back of a skirt or at the bottom of a slipcover or curtain to allow for more freedom of movement.


A kick pleat is a versatile design feature used primarily in the realms of fashion and interior design. In interior design, a kick pleat makes its appearance in various fabric-rich elements such as slipcovers, curtains, and even some upholstered furniture. The purpose of this single, inverted pleat is practical but adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. The inclusion of a kick pleat allows the fabric to expand, offering additional space or ‘give’ which is especially useful in items like slipcovers where ease of movement is essential for removing or applying the cover. Similarly, in curtains, kick pleats can enable a fuller look when the curtain is drawn while ensuring it drapes beautifully when closed. The design and sewing technique involved in creating a kick pleat is meticulous but well worth the effort for the blend of functionality and aesthetics it provides.


In home interior design, a kick pleat might be prominently featured at the bottom of a tailored slipcover for a couch or armchair. This detail allows the cover to fit snugly while still giving it enough flexibility to be easily removed. Similarly, a kick pleat can be found at the back of long draperies or panel curtains, enhancing their visual appeal when fully closed, without sacrificing the ability to draw them aside gracefully.


  • Can kick pleats be used in all types of fabric?

    Yes, kick pleats can be utilized across a wide variety of fabrics. However, the fabric choice will affect the pleat's appearance and functionality, with stiffer fabrics holding the shape better and softer fabrics offering more flow.

  • Are kick pleats only found in home decor?

    No, kick pleats are also a popular feature in fashion, particularly in the back of skirts, to allow for better movement while maintaining the garment's shape.

  • How does a kick pleat differ from other types of pleats?

    A kick pleat is a single, inverted pleat that provides additional fabric space for movement. Unlike other pleats, which may involve multiple folds or be placed for purely decorative purposes, a kick pleat serves a specific functional purpose.

Practical Application

When considering adding a kick pleat to a slipcover, curtain, or other interior design element, take into account the fabric's weight and stiffness. The intended use of the piece also plays a critical role, as items that require more flexibility or movement are prime candidates for kick pleats. Planning and precise measurement are key to ensuring the pleat not only looks good but performs its function effectively.