What is an Ogee Bracket Foot?

An Ogee Bracket Foot is a decorative furniture foot style characterized by a curved s-shape.


An Ogee Bracket Foot is a distinctive style of furniture leg that blends aesthetics and support. This foot type features a double curve, often described as resembling an S-shape, which gives it an elegant and flowing profile. The design originated in the 18th century and is mostly associated with period furniture styles such as Chippendale, Queen Anne, and early Georgian pieces.

The ogee curve itself is a classical design element found in various architectural and design contexts, signifying sophistication and attention to detail. When applied to furniture, the Ogee Bracket Foot adds a touch of elegance, significantly elevating the item's overall appearance. This foot type not only enhances the furniture's visual appeal but also provides a sturdy base, demonstrating a well-balanced blend of form and function.

Ogee Bracket Feet are typically found on case goods like dressers, secretaries, and sideboards, but they can also adorn other types of furniture, such as upholstered pieces and occasional tables. The intricate design and craftsmanship involved in creating these feet often suggest the furniture piece is of high quality.


Ogee Bracket Feet are often seen in antique furniture, particularly pieces from the 18th century that reflect the opulence and refined tastes of the period. They are commonly featured in high-end reproductions of antique styles, showcasing the enduring appeal of this decorative element. Interior designers might incorporate furniture with Ogee Bracket Feet into traditional, classical, or eclectic decor schemes to add a historical or sophisticated touch to a space. In restoration projects, matching the original style's Ogee Bracket Feet can be crucial for maintaining the integrity and value of antique pieces.


  • How do I recognize an Ogee Bracket Foot?

    An Ogee Bracket Foot can be recognized by its distinct S-shaped curve. Look for a double curved design where the curve starts inward at the top, extends outward, and then returns inward towards the bottom of the foot.

  • Are Ogee Bracket Feet only found on antique furniture?

    While Ogee Bracket Feet are closely associated with antique furniture, they are also used in high-quality reproductions and contemporary designs that seek to emulate historical styles.

  • Can I add Ogee Bracket Feet to existing furniture?

    Yes, it is possible to add Ogee Bracket Feet to existing furniture as part of a customization or restoration project. However, it's important to choose feet that complement the furniture's style and proportions, and professional assistance might be needed for proper installation.

Practical Application

Incorporating furniture with Ogee Bracket Feet can add an element of elegance and historical charm to your interior design. When selecting pieces for your space, consider how the delicate curves of the Ogee Bracket Foot might complement other decorative elements in the room, such as molding, trim, or fabric patterns. Additionally, when restoring antique furniture or designing custom pieces, choosing the right Ogee Bracket Foot can significantly impact the item's aesthetic and authenticity. Pay attention to the scale and detail of the foot to ensure it aligns with the overall design of the furniture.