What is Fan Patterned?

Fan patterned refers to a design motif that resembles the shape and spread of a hand-held fan.


Fan patterned is a design technique where patterns, shapes, or decorative elements resemble the shape and spread of a traditional hand-held fan. This pattern is reminiscent of the pleated, semi-circular fans popular in various cultures around the world, especially in Asian and European societies. The fan pattern may appear in a variety of interior design elements, including textiles and upholstery, wall treatments and finishes, and floor coverings and rugs. It can vary from highly detailed and intricate designs that mimic the actual look of a fan, to more abstract interpretations that suggest the fan’s shape and form through a series of arcs or semi-circles.

The fan pattern has a rich history and was especially popular during certain historical periods, such as the Art Deco era, where its geometric and symmetrical qualities were celebrated. Today, fan patterned designs can be found in a wide range of decorative contexts, from wallpapers to ceramics, bringing a touch of elegance and historical reference to modern interiors. With its versatility, the fan pattern can complement various design styles, from traditional to contemporary, depending on the colors, materials, and context in which it is used.

Though often seen as a decorative element, the fan pattern can also play a functional role in creating visual interest and dividing space within a room. When used in flooring or on accent walls, it can help guide the eye and create focal points within the interior space.


In interior design, fan patterned may be used in various applications such as the design of a floor tile layout that mimics the open fan shape, an upholstered chair with fan patterned fabric, or wallpaper featuring a repeating fan motif. Not limited to hard surfaces, the fan pattern can also be incorporated into window treatments and decorative throw pillows.


  • Can fan patterned design be used in modern interiors?

    Yes, fan patterned design can be seamlessly integrated into modern interiors. When used with contemporary colors, materials, and minimalist interpretations, it adds a sophisticated historical nod while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

  • How does the fan pattern influence room aesthetics?

    The fan pattern contributes to room aesthetics by adding visual interest, texture, and historical depth. Its geometric and symmetrical qualities can also help to create or enhance focal points within a space.

  • Is the fan pattern suitable for all room sizes?

    Yes, the fan pattern is versatile and can be adapted to suit all room sizes. In smaller spaces, a subtler, smaller-scale pattern may be more appropriate to avoid overwhelming the space, while larger rooms can accommodate bolder, more dramatic patterns.

Practical Application

When incorporating fan patterned designs into your interiors, consider the scale and color of the pattern in relation to the size of the room and the overall design theme. For a unified look, you might choose a color from the fan pattern to echo throughout the room in soft furnishings and decorative accessories. Mixing fan patterned elements with solid colors or simpler patterns can prevent the design from becoming too busy or overwhelming.