What is an Armoire?

An armoire is a versatile, freestanding wardrobe or closet.


An armoire is a type of furniture that serves both a functional and decorative purpose in a home. Typically, it's a tall, freestanding cabinet with doors that swing open to reveal storage space. This storage space can be used for hanging clothes, storing linens, or keeping personal items. Some armoires also have drawers for additional storage. Historically, armoires were used as wardrobe closets before built in closets became a standard feature in homes. They originated in France during the Middle Ages and were considered a status symbol among the wealthy. The design and materials of an armoire can vary significantly, ranging from simplistic and modern to ornate and traditional, often reflecting a particular design style.


An armoire can be used in various rooms of a home, including bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. In the bedroom, it can serve as a wardrobe or a place to store bed linens and towels. In the living room or entryway, an armoire might be used to store coats, shoes, or decorative items. Dining room armoires can be used to store table linens, cutlery, or china. The versatility of design styles means that an armoire can fit into almost any interior design theme.


  • Are armoires only used for clothing storage?

    No, armoires can be used to store a wide range of items including linens, personal items, electronics, and even as makeshift home offices or entertainment centers.

  • Can an armoire replace a closet?

    Yes, in spaces without built-in closets, an armoire can function as a full-fledged wardrobe, providing ample space for hanging clothes and additional storage.

  • How do I choose the right armoire for my space?

    Consider the armoire's intended use, the size of your space, the existing decorative elements and furniture styles in your room, and the type of items you plan to store. Balancing these factors will help you select an armoire that fits both your storage needs and your aesthetic.

Practical Application

When selecting an armoire, consider its placement and ensure there's adequate space for the doors to open fully. For a cohesive look, match the armoire's style with the room's existing decor. Lastly, think about the internal configuration of shelves and hangers to ensure it meets your storage requirements.