What is Coil Springs?

Coil springs are components used in the construction of seating and mattresses to offer support and comfort.


In the realm of furniture types and interior design, coil springs play a crucial role, particularly in the makeup of upholstered seating and mattress structures. These springs are made from steel and are known for their resilience and ability to return to their original shape after being compressed, providing a balance of support and comfort to the user.

The use of coil springs dates back centuries and has evolved significantly over time. Initially, they were hand-tied and implemented in the finest furniture, but with technological advances, machine-made coil springs have become the standard. Types of coil springs include Bonnell springs, pocket springs, and continuous coil springs, each offering different benefits in terms of support, motion isolation, and durability.

In interior design, understanding the type and quality of coil springs used in a piece of furniture can inform decisions about both comfort and the longevity of the piece. High-quality coil springs can greatly enhance the comfort level of seating and beds and can be a determining factor in the overall design and functional lifespan of furniture pieces.


When shopping for sofas, chairs, or mattresses, consumers often consider the type of coil springs used as a key factor in their purchase decision. Furniture manufacturers and interior designers also pay close attention to coil springs when selecting materials for their projects, aiming to balance comfort, durability, and budget. In the restoration or reupholstery of antique furniture, replacing or refurbishing old coil springs can revive the original comfort and support of the piece.


  • What are the benefits of using coil springs in furniture?

    Coil springs offer several benefits including durability, long-lasting support, comfort, and the ability to maintain shape over time, making them an ideal choice for seating and bedding components.

  • How do different types of coil springs affect furniture?

    Different types of coil springs, such as Bonnell, pocket, and continuous coil springs, offer varying levels of support, motion isolation, and durability, affecting the overall feel and longevity of the furniture.

  • Can coil springs be replaced or refurbished?

    Yes, particularly in high-quality furniture or antique pieces, coil springs can be replaced or refurbished to restore the original level of comfort and support.

Practical Application

For interior designers and furniture manufacturers, selecting high-quality coil springs is crucial for ensuring the comfort and durability of seating and mattress pieces. For individuals restoring or reupholstering furniture, checking and potentially replacing old coil springs can significantly enhance the piece's comfort and lifespan.