What is Fiddle Back?

Fiddle back refers to a type of chair back characterized by a central splat that resembles a violin.


Fiddle back is a term used in the world of furniture, specifically referring to chairs with a distinctive design element. The central splat, which is the vertical piece running up the center of the chair's back, emulates the shape of a violin or fiddle. This design offers both aesthetic appeal and structural support to the furniture piece.

Traditionally, fiddle back chairs date back to the Queen Anne and Chippendale styles of the 18th century. These periods were known for their intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail, qualities that are exemplified in the fiddle back design. Over time, the popularity of this design has ebbed and flowed, but it remains a cherished choice for those looking to add an element of classical elegance to their interiors.

Modern interpretations of fiddle back chairs can vary significantly, from those that adhere closely to historical designs to more contemporary versions that merely hint at the traditional form. Regardless of the specific style, a fiddle back chair can add a touch of sophistication and historical charm to any interior design.


Fiddle back chairs are often used as dining chairs, providing both comfort and style to the dining room. They can also be featured as occasional chairs in living rooms, bedrooms, or home offices. In either traditional or contemporary settings, these chairs can serve as a focal point or complement a wider design scheme.


  • Are fiddle back chairs only suitable for traditional interiors?

    No, fiddle back chairs can be incorporated into both traditional and contemporary interior designs. Their timeless shape allows them to blend with a variety of styles.

  • Can fiddle back chairs be comfortable?

    Yes. Despite their intricate backs, many fiddle back chairs are designed with comfort in mind and can be quite comfortable when paired with the right cushioning.

  • Are all fiddle back chairs made of wood?

    While traditionally crafted from wood, modern fiddle back chairs can also be found in a variety of materials, including metal or plastic, depending on the design.

Practical Application

When selecting a fiddle back chair for your space, consider the overall style of the room and the chair's material and color to ensure it complements your interior design. Pairing these chairs with the right textiles and upholstery can also enhance their comfort and visual appeal. For a traditional look, opt for wooden chairs with intricate carvings. For a more modern approach, look for chairs with a simpler design or those made from contemporary materials.