What is Coastal?

Coastal is an interior design style that is inspired by the look and feel of a beach and ocean.


Coastal interior design, often referred to simply as "Coastal," encapsulates the breezy, carefree vibe that one might associate with a beachfront holiday. It draws its inspiration from the elements of the seashore and ocean, emphasizing a light, airy, and tranquil aesthetic. The style is characterized by its use of natural light, soft tones, and natural, often raw materials. Coastal design seeks to create a relaxed and comfortable environment that mirrors the simplicity and beauty of the seaside.

Key to achieving the Coastal look are colors and materials that mimic the shore and sea. Soft pastels, whites, and blues dominate the color palette, often complemented by sandy beiges and gentle grays. In terms of materials, wood (especially reclaimed or driftwood), wicker, and rattan play significant roles, bringing an organic, yet sophisticated, touch to furniture and decor. Textiles also bear the hallmark of lightness, with linens and cotton prevailing for their breathability and ease.

While Coastal design is most commonly associated with beach houses or homes located near the water, it can be adapted to any setting aiming to evoke the easiness and serenity of coastal life. This versatility makes Coastal design appealing beyond its geographical origins, allowing individuals to recreate a piece of paradise wherever they are.


Coastal interior design is most commonly found in beach houses and waterfront properties where the natural surroundings influence the home's aesthetic. However, it has also been adapted for use in urban and suburban homes looking to capture a beach-inspired ambiance. Furniture pieces like lightweight wicker or rattan chairs, decor elements such as seashells, jute rugs, and artworks that depict ocean landscapes or marine life, are common in Coastal-designed spaces.


  • Is Coastal design only for beach homes?

    No, Coastal design can be adapted for any setting, including urban and suburban homes, aiming to evoke the tranquility of the seaside.

  • Can Coastal design be combined with other interior design styles?

    Yes, Coastal design is versatile and can be blended with other styles such as minimalism or modern to create a tailored look that still retains its breezy essence.

  • What are key elements in achieving the Coastal look?

    Key elements include a color palette inspired by the beach and ocean, the use of natural materials like wood, wicker, and rattan, and decor that reflects a love for the sea.

Practical Application

To incorporate Coastal design into your space, start with a neutral base color palette of whites, soft pastels, and sandy tones. Layer in natural textures through furniture and decor items like driftwood accents, rattan baskets, or wicker chairs to add depth and interest. Soften the space with linens and cotton textiles in light, airy fabrics, and consider incorporating oceanic elements such as artwork of maritime scenes or decorative shells to complete the look. The key is to create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere that feels like a personal retreat.