What is Bullion Fringe?

Bullion fringe is a type of decorative trim used in interior design to add texture and elegance.


Bullion fringe is a decorative accessory characterized by its heavy and ornamental design, consisting of twisted cords or threads that hang loosely from a sturdy top band. This trim is often made from various materials including silk, cotton, and synthetic blends, imparting a sense of luxury and depth to the items it adorns. The fringe's length and the richness of its texture make it a popular choice for adding a sophisticated flair to home decor items.

The origins of bullion fringe can be traced back to military and ceremonial uniforms, where it was used to signify rank and status. Over time, its usage expanded into the realm of interior design, where it found a new purpose in enhancing the visual appeal of furnishings and decor. Its versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary settings, making it a cherished element among designers and homeowners alike.

In interior design, bullion fringe is most commonly applied to items such as curtains, cushions, upholstery, and bedding. Its application can transform a simple piece into a statement item, bringing a touch of opulence and texture that enriches the space. It's also used in fashioning drapery tassels and trimmings for lampshades, showcasing its diverse decorative potential.


Bullion fringe is typically seen adorning furniture pieces like sofas and chairs, as well as on the edges of curtains and pillows. It is also used to embellish bedspreads, throw blankets, and valances, adding a luxurious detail to both classic and contemporary home interiors.


  • How is bullion fringe made?

    Bullion fringe is crafted by tightly twisting fibers or threads around a core material to create thick, ropelike cords. These cords are then attached to a sturdy band, allowing them to hang freely and form the distinctive fringe.

  • Can bullion fringe be used in all interior design styles?

    While bullion fringe is versatile and can complement various design styles, it is particularly well-suited for traditional, luxurious, or vintage themes due to its opulent texture and appearance.

  • How do you care for bullion fringe?

    Care for bullion fringe depends on its material composition. Generally, it should be dusted regularly and cleaned with a gentle, dry method or according to the manufacturer's instructions. Avoid harsh cleaning agents to prevent damage.

Practical Application

When incorporating bullion fringe into your decor, consider its texture and color in relation to the overall design scheme. Use it to add a layer of depth and interest to plain surfaces or to accentuate certain elements within a space. It’s also important to balance its visual weight with other textures in the room to create harmony and avoid overwhelming the design.