What is a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt is a decorative fabric panel that hangs between the mattress and the floor.


A bed skirt, also known as a bed ruffle or dust ruffle, is a piece of decorative fabric that is placed between the mattress and the box spring or platform of a bed. Its primary function is to conceal the bed's foundation or any storage space beneath the bed, adding a polished and cohesive look to the bedroom's decor. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a bed skirt can also help minimize the accumulation of dust beneath the bed, making it a practical addition to any bedroom.

Bed skirts are available in a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and linen, and can come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles to match any bedroom decor. They can be tailored with pleats or gathers to offer a more structured or flowing appearance, respectively. Some bed skirts are designed to be fitted around the bed's box spring with elastic, while others may require being placed between the mattress and box spring.

Choosing the right bed skirt involves considering the design of your bedroom, the height of your bed, and your personal style preferences. A correctly chosen bed skirt can act as a unifying element in bedroom design, bringing together various design elements such as bedding, furniture, and room accessories.


In a traditional bedroom setup, a bed skirt might be used to complement the overall design theme, such as a Victorian, modern, or country style. In contemporary settings, it might serve a more functional role by hiding under-bed storage or simply adding a finished look to minimalist bed frames without storage.


  • Can a bed skirt be used with any type of bed?

    Yes, bed skirts can be used with most types of beds, as long as there is a box spring or platform to support it. However, they are not typically used with beds that have a footboard or a platform bed with built-in under-bed storage accessible from the sides.

  • How do you choose the right size bed skirt?

    To choose the right size, measure the height from the top of your box spring or platform to the floor. This measurement will help you find a bed skirt with the appropriate drop length to ensure it reaches the floor without dragging.

  • Are bed skirts washable?

    Most bed skirts are washable, but the care instructions can vary depending on the material. It's important to check the manufacturer's label for specific washing and care guidelines.

Practical Application

When selecting a bed skirt, consider the color scheme and overall aesthetic of your bedroom. A bed skirt should complement your bedding and room decor, creating a cohesive look. Remember to measure the height of your bed accurately to ensure the skirt hangs correctly, neither too high above the ground nor dragging on the floor.