What is an Angel Bed?

A decorative feature resembling a bed or rest area for angels.


An Angel Bed, in the realm of interior design, is a whimsical and decorative element that embodies the idea of a resting area created specifically for angels. With a design that often includes ethereal and celestial motifs, such as clouds, stars, and soft, airy materials, Angel Beds are crafted to evoke a sense of peace, purity, and otherworldly elegance. While not a physical bed for actual use, they serve as an artistic installation or visual feature that can add a unique touch to a space.

These decorative features are most commonly found in spaces looking to convey a sense of serenity and spiritual ambiance, such as meditation rooms, spiritual retreat centers, and sometimes in the bedrooms of those who enjoy a fairy tale or mystical aesthetic. The Angel Bed is an example of how interior design can transcend the purely functional to create spaces that tell a story or inspire a particular feeling.

The use of soft, flowing fabrics, gentle lighting, and delicate color palettes are common in the creation of an Angel Bed. These elements work together to create a space that feels disconnected from the troubles of the earthly realm, offering an oasis of calm and contemplation.


An Angel Bed might be utilized as the focal point in a meditation room, serving as a visual anchor that supports the room's purpose of offering peace and tranquility. In children's bedrooms or nurseries, an Angel Bed can add a magical, dreamlike quality, encouraging imagination and a sense of wonder.

In a more public or communal setting, such as a spiritual retreat, an Angel Bed can act as a powerful symbol, fostering a collective feeling of serenity and connectedness among visitors. Its presence can elevate the overall aesthetic and emotional impact of the space, creating an environment that deeply resonates with spirituality and inner peace.


  • Can an Angel Bed be used as a real bed?

    No, an Angel Bed is not designed for practical use as a real bed. It's a decorative and artistic feature intended to inspire and add beauty to a space.

  • Where is an Angel Bed most commonly found?

    Angel Beds are typically found in meditation rooms, spiritual retreat centers, and homes with a whimsical or mystical decorative theme.

  • How is an Angel Bed designed?

    Angel Beds are designed using soft, airy materials, gentle lighting, and celestial motifs to create a sense of peace and otherworldliness.

Practical Application

Creating an Angel Bed requires a thoughtful consideration of materials and design elements that evoke a sense of the ethereal and celestial. Use soft, flowing fabrics like chiffon or tulle, incorporate gentle, ambient lighting, and select a color palette that enhances the feeling of tranquility and lightness. While the Angel Bed is not intended for practical use, its design should be cohesive and purposeful, aiming to complement the aesthetic and emotional goals of the space it inhabits.