What is a Cheval Mirror?

A tall, freestanding mirror mounted on a stand with two supporting posts.


A cheval mirror, featuring its iconic freestanding design, is an elegant and functional piece widely cherished in the realm of interior design. Mounted between two vertical posts that are anchored on a horizontal cross-base, the mirror can typically pivot within these supports. This adjustability allows users to angle the mirror to suit their viewing needs, making it not just a decorative but also a practical element in both residential and commercial spaces. The term 'cheval' is French for 'horse,' a nod to the four-legged appearance of the mirror’s stand, resembling a horse's frame.

Originating from the French design influences of the 18th century, cheval mirrors blend seamlessly into a wide array of decor styles, from the opulent and ornate to the simple and modern. Their design versatility, combined with the functionality of adjustable angles, makes them a favored choice for bedrooms, walk-in closets, and dressing areas. Beyond their utility, cheval mirrors can serve as stunning focal points in an interior space, reflecting light and adding a sense of depth and expansiveness.


Commonly used in bedrooms and dressing rooms, cheval mirrors are sought after for their blend of functionality and decorative appeal. They can be found in various styles, from intricately carved traditional designs to sleek, contemporary frames, making them adaptable to numerous interior settings. Opting for a cheval mirror not only aids in outfit selection and personal grooming but also enhances the aesthetic quality and perceived size of a room, thanks to its reflective properties.


  • Why is it called a cheval mirror?

    The term 'cheval' is French for 'horse,' reflecting the style's origins in French furniture design and the mirror's stand that resembles a horse's frame with its four supporting 'legs'.

  • Can a cheval mirror be adjusted?

    Yes, one of the key features of a cheval mirror is its ability to pivot within its supporting posts, allowing the angle of the mirror to be adjusted for optimal viewing.

  • Are cheval mirrors suitable for small spaces?

    While cheval mirrors are taller pieces of furniture, their reflective surfaces can help make small spaces appear larger and more open. Their adjustability and freestanding design also make them a versatile option for tight areas.

Practical Application

When incorporating a cheval mirror into your interior design, consider its placement carefully. Position it in a location that receives ample natural light, enhancing its reflective qualities and the overall brightness of your room. Additionally, align it in such a way that it complements other decorative objects and furniture types in the space, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment. For smaller spaces, choose a mirror with a slimmer frame to maintain a sense of openness.