What is Anaglypta?

Anaglypta is a type of embossed wallpaper.


Anaglypta is a distinct variety of wallpaper known for its embossed texture, which adds a unique depth and dimension to walls. Unlike standard wallpaper, Anaglypta is manufactured by pressing a pattern into paper or vinyl, creating a raised surface that can be painted over. This characteristic makes it incredibly versatile, as it can be repainted to match any color scheme, providing both texture and a customizable color to a room. The word 'Anaglypta' itself comes from the Greek words 'ana', meaning 'raised', and 'glypta', meaning 'carved', highlighting its decorative embossed texture.

Traditionally made from paper, modern variations include a vinyl-based version which is more durable and suitable for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Anaglypta's patterned texture not only adds aesthetic appeal but can also help to mask imperfections on walls, offering both a practical and decorative solution. Typically, its designs are inspired by a range of influences, from classical architecture to more contemporary motifs, making it a versatile choice for various design styles.


Anaglypta is often used in historical home renovations to add period-appropriate detail or in contemporary settings to add texture and depth to a room. It's also favored for its ability to mask wall imperfections and for adding an extra layer of insulation to walls.


  • Can Anaglypta wallpaper be painted over?

    Yes, one of the unique features of Anaglypta wallpaper is that it can be painted over, allowing for easy color changes without the need to replace the wallpaper.

  • Is Anaglypta suitable for every room?

    While Anaglypta is versatile, its use in high-moisture areas should be limited to vinyl-based versions, which are more resistant to moisture and suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • How durable is Anaglypta wallpaper?

    Anaglypta made from vinyl is particularly durable and suitable for high-traffic areas. Traditional paper-based Anaglypta, while still reasonably durable, may require more careful handling.

Practical Application

To integrate Anaglypta into your design, consider using it on a feature wall to create a focal point or across all walls for a richly textured look. It’s also a great solution for concealing wall imperfections. Remember to choose a paint that complements your overall design theme when painting over Anaglypta.