What is Aficionado?

Aficionado refers to a person with a passionate interest or refined taste in a particular subject, often encompassing aspects of interior design.


In the realm of interior design, an aficionado is someone who not only possesses a deep appreciation for interior aesthetics but also has refined taste and extensive knowledge about various elements of design. This may include an understanding of different design styles, keen awareness of materials and textiles, and an eye for furniture, lighting, and decorative techniques. Typically, the aficionado is not just a passive admirer but an active participant in the design world, often engaging in discussions, keeping up to date with trends, and seeking out unique and interesting pieces to incorporate into their own or others' spaces.

While the term can apply to professionals within the industry, it also extends to enthusiastic amateurs who dedicate their time and resources to understanding and appreciating interior design. For those with a budding interest in this field, participating in forums, attending expos, and following influential designers and decorators can be the first steps towards becoming an aficionado. This passion for design can influence their personal environments, often turning their living spaces into showcases of their design philosophy and aesthetic preferences.


You might encounter an aficionado giving a lecture on the historical significance of Art Deco interiors or diligently searching for the perfect vintage piece at a local flea market. Their homes often reflect a curated collection of pieces that represent their broad knowledge and taste. For example, a mid century modern aficionado might focus on finding authentic pieces from the era to accurately represent the design styles of that time in their home.


  • Can anyone become an aficionado?

    Yes, with passion, dedication, and a willingness to learn about interior design, anyone can become an aficionado.

  • Do aficionados need to have professional training in interior design?

    No, while professional training can enhance one's knowledge and skills, an aficionado can be self-taught or simply possess a natural talent and passion for interior design.

  • How can I start my journey to becoming an aficionado?

    Begin by immersing yourself in the world of interior design through magazines, online forums, social media, attending expos, and following the work of established designers. Practicing space planning and layout, experimenting with color and patterns, and learning about different materials and textiles can also help.

Practical Application

For aspiring aficionados, a practical step is to start small. Focus on one area of your home that you would like to improve or redesign. Research different design styles and identify what resonates with you. Experiment with mixing materials and textiles, lighting, and decorative objects to create a unique space that reflects your personal taste. Document your process and seek feedback from the interior design community to grow your knowledge and confidence.