What is Spring Down?

Spring down is a premium cushion type that incorporates coiled springs wrapped in foam and encased within a feather-down mix or synthetic fiber, offering both comfort and support.


Spring down refers to a type of cushion construction that is known for combining the best aspects of comfort and resilience in furniture design. This cushion choice is one of the upscale options available for sofas, armchairs, and other types of upholstered seating. Its construction incorporates a core of coiled springs, which are then wrapped in foam and encased within a feather-down mix or synthetic fiber. This layered method provides both the firm support of springs and the soft, pliable comfort of down.

Spring down cushions are often preferred for their ability to maintain shape and durability over time, compared to purely foam or feather-down cushions. The springs at the core allow for an even and supportive base, minimizing sagging and flattening that can happen with other cushion types. The top layers of foam and feather-down ensue that the cushion is not only supportive but also incredibly comfortable, allowing for a cozy and luxurious seating experience.


In interior design, spring down cushions are predominantly seen in high-end furniture designs, particularly those that prioritize a luxurious seating experience. They are often chosen for living rooms, family rooms, and lounges where comfort is paramount, and the furniture receives frequent use. Designers and customers opt for spring down when looking for long-lasting, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing choices in seating arrangements.


  • Are spring down cushions more expensive than other types?

    Yes, spring down cushions tend to be more expensive than purely foam or feather-down cushions due to their more complex construction and the materials used.

  • Can spring down cushions be found in all types of upholstered furniture?

    While spring down is more commonly found in high-end furniture, it is available for a variety of upholstered pieces, including sofas, armchairs, and ottomans.

  • Is maintenance for spring down cushions demanding?

    Spring down cushions require regular fluffing to maintain their shape and occasional professional cleaning, but their maintenance is manageable with regular care.

  • How long do spring down cushions last compared to other cushion types?

    With proper care, spring down cushions can last longer than purely foam or feather-down cushions, thanks to their durable construction and materials.

Practical Application

When selecting cushions or upholstered furniture for your home, considering spring down options can significantly enhance the comfort and longevity of your pieces. If comfort and durability are top priorities in your furniture choices, exploring spring down cushions for sofas or chairs might be worthwhile. Additionally, to maintain the shape and resilience of spring down cushions, regular fluffing and occasional professional cleaning are recommended.