What is Hollywood Regency?

Hollywood Regency is a design style characterized by luxury, glamour, and opulence.


Hollywood Regency is a vivacious and luxurious interior design style that emerged in the 1930s, closely tied to the golden age of Hollywood cinema. This style epitomizes glamour, combining the extravagant and the meticulous with an air of sophistication and an emphasis on socializing. Think of it as the set of a classic Hollywood film—dramatic, yet meticulously detailed, providing both comfort and opulence.

Key elements include the use of bold colors, lavish textures, and metallic finishes, often accentuated by elegant, ornate detailing. Furniture pieces are typically sleek and sophisticated, often featuring reflective surfaces like mirrored panels or glossy lacquers. Hollywood Regency also embraces a mix of modern and traditional elements, providing a timeless appeal that encourages a bold, individualistic approach to design. Layers of texture and pattern add depth and interest, while a curated selection of decorative objects, such as striking artwork, luxurious fabrics, and intricate lighting fixtures, completes the look.

The style's focus on social spaces drives the arrangement of interiors, emphasizing open, inviting areas that facilitate conversation and entertainment. This is achieved through strategic furniture placement and the use of statement pieces that draw the eye and spark dialogue.


The Hollywood Regency style is commonly applied in areas designed for entertaining, like living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways. It's also popular in personal spaces such as bedrooms and home offices, where the style's inherent glamour can create an uplifting and inspiring environment. Commercial spaces, such as boutique hotels and glamorous restaurants, also frequently adopt this style to imbue their environments with a sense of luxury and excitement.


  • How do I incorporate Hollywood Regency style into my home?

    Incorporating Hollywood Regency into your home involves embracing bold color choices, luxurious textures, and sleek, sophisticated furniture. Start by selecting a striking color palette and accent it with metallic finishes and reflective surfaces. Choose furniture with elegant lines and lavish, tactile fabrics. Add depth through layered textures and patterns, and don't forget the finishing touches—ornate decorative objects, opulent lighting fixtures, and striking artwork to pull it all together.

  • Can Hollywood Regency be combined with other styles?

    Absolutely! Hollywood Regency is versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with other design styles for a unique blend. You can mix it with modern elements for a contemporary feel, or pair it with traditional pieces for a more eclectic look. The key is to maintain the style's essence of glamour and sophistication while tailoring it to reflect your personal aesthetic.

  • Is Hollywood Regency suitable for small spaces?

    Yes, Hollywood Regency can be adapted for small spaces. While the style is known for its opulence, careful selection of pieces and thoughtful arrangement can make it work in smaller areas. Opt for multifunctional furniture, use mirrors and reflective surfaces to enhance the sense of space, and focus on a few key decorative pieces to convey luxury without overwhelming the room.

Practical Application

To successfully apply Hollywood Regency style in your space, focus on creating a balance between glamour and functionality. Begin with a bold color palette, complemented by metallic accents and reflective surfaces. Choose furniture that offers both style and comfort, and layer in luxurious textures and patterns. Use strategic lighting to highlight statement pieces and add drama. Remember, the goal is to create an inviting, sophisticated space that reflects your personal style while paying homage to the lavishness and elegance of Old Hollywood.