What is Goose-Neck Arm?

A goose-neck arm is a curved, flexible support or attachment often found in lamps and furniture.


A goose-neck arm is a distinct design element known for its graceful, curved shape that resembles the neck of a goose. This flexible arm is typically made from materials that allow it to maintain a stable yet adjustable position. It is most commonly associated with lighting fixtures, such as desk lamps and floor lamps, but can also be found in various types of furniture, including adjustable chairs and microphone stands. The primary purpose of the goose-neck arm is to provide maneuverability and customization in the direction and focus of the light source or object it supports.

The flexibility and adjustability of goose-neck arms make them an ideal choice for tasks that require precise lighting or positioning, such as reading, writing, or intricate craftwork. In furniture, the ergonomic benefits of being able to adjust the position of an item can add greatly to the user's comfort and effectiveness. Moreover, the unique silhouette of the goose-neck adds a decorative and distinctive aesthetic to any piece it adorns, blending functionality with style.


One common application of the goose-neck arm is in desk lamps, where the arm's adjustability allows users to direct light precisely where it's needed without moving the lamp base. This feature is particularly beneficial in workspaces or reading areas. Similarly, in adjustable chairs, a goose-neck arm might be used to adjust the position of a headrest or armrest, enhancing ergonomic support and comfort. Its usage extends beyond practicality, as its distinct shape also contributes to the overall design and style of the product.


  • Is the goose-neck arm style specific to any design era?

    No, the goose-neck arm is not specific to any design era, but it has been popular in various periods, particularly in Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern designs, due to its blend of functionality and stylish appearance.

  • Can the goose-neck arm be found in outdoor furniture?

    Yes, goose-neck arms can be found in outdoor furniture and fixtures, especially in outdoor lighting where adjustable light direction can be beneficial. However, materials used for outdoor goose-neck arms are typically more durable to withstand weather conditions.

  • Are there any limitations to the flexibility of a goose-neck arm?

    While goose-neck arms offer significant flexibility, they do have limitations. Excessive bending or frequent repositioning can lead to wear and tear over time. Additionally, the weight of the object being supported can limit the positions that the arm can hold securely.

Practical Application

When selecting a lamp or piece of furniture with a goose-neck arm, consider the balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Ensure that the material and design of the goose-neck can adequately support the intended use while complementing the overall design of the space. For lamps, consider the type of tasks the lamp will be used for and position it in a way that maximizes its adjustable features.