What is Foam Core?

Foam core is a lightweight material made of a foam center sandwiched between two layers of paper.


Foam core, known for its versatility and lightweight nature, is a material composed of a dense foam interior encased between two thin, rigid sheets of paper. This combination gives foam core its signature lightweight and easily cut properties, making it a favorite among interior designers, architects, and model makers. Despite its lightness, foam core provides a stable and level surface that is ideal for various applications within interior design, such as model building, creating temporary partitions, and as a backing for hanging artwork.

Due to its ease of manipulation and cutting, foam core can be shaped into almost any form, allowing for creative and personalized design solutions. In addition, its smooth surface is perfect for mounting and displaying vibrant prints and photographs, enhancing interior spaces. Foam core is also frequently used in the creation of architectural models, providing a quick and cost-effective way to communicate design concepts.

One of the most appealing aspects of foam core is how it supports sustainability in design. Being both lightweight and strong, it minimizes the need for heavier, more resource-intensive materials. However, designers should be mindful of its durability and potential environmental impact, as foam core is less sustainable than some other materials and is primarily used for temporary or semi-permanent applications within interior spaces.


Foam core is frequently employed in the conceptual stages of design projects, such as for creating detailed architectural models that convey the designer's vision to clients and team members. In addition, it finds application in interior design as lightweight decorative panels or as a mounting material for artwork and displays in galleries or public spaces. Its ability to be easily shaped and modified also makes it a useful tool for creating temporary installations at events or exhibitions.


  • Is foam core durable?

    Foam core is relatively durable for its weight, but it is best suited for temporary or semi-permanent applications. It can be prone to bending and denting, so it should be handled with care.

  • Can foam core be painted?

    Yes, foam core can be painted. It's advisable to use acrylic paint and apply it in thin layers to avoid warping the paper surface.

  • Is foam core environmentally friendly?

    Foam core is less sustainable than some other materials due to its composition and is primarily used for temporary applications. For more eco-friendly projects, consider materials that are recyclable or have a lower environmental impact.

Practical Application

When using foam core in your projects, consider its temporary nature and plan for applications where permanence is not necessary. Its ease of cutting and shaping makes it perfect for prototyping and experimenting with design concepts before committing to more permanent materials. Remember to use a sharp cutting tool for clean edges and handle with care to avoid denting the paper surface. Additionally, explore adhesive options compatible with foam core to ensure your creations maintain their integrity over time.