What is a Festoon Blind?

A festoon blind is a type of window covering made from fabric that gathers into pleats when raised.


A festoon blind, often referred to as an Austrian blind, is a decorative window covering characterized by its distinctive gathered fabric design. When the blind is raised, the fabric elegantly pleats and folds, creating a series of horizontal ruffles or festoons, hence the name. This effect is achieved through a combination of cords running through rings on the back of the fabric, which, when pulled, cause the material to drape gracefully. Additionally, the decorative appearance of festoon blinds makes them not only functional but also a significant aesthetic addition to any interior design.

Festoon blinds cater to a variety of decorating styles, from the traditional to the romantic, and can be made from a range of materials and textiles, including sheer fabrics for a light and airy effect, or heavier materials for added privacy and light control. The choice of fabric, along with the depth and spacing of the pleats, can be customized to suit specific design requirements, offering both versatility and charm.

For those looking for window treatments that blend functionality with ornate design, festoon blinds provide an ideal solution. Their ability to filter or block out light, while still contributing significantly to the room's overall decor, makes them a popular choice among interior design enthusiasts.


Festoon blinds are commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms, where the added decorative touch can complement the room's decor while providing the necessary privacy and light control. They are particularly favored in spaces that lean towards a traditional or romantic aesthetic. Furthermore, in settings where the architecture features large windows or high ceilings, festoon blinds can create a dramatic and elegant effect, enhancing the perception of luxury and refinement in the space.


  • How do you clean festoon blinds?

    Cleaning festoon blinds generally involves dusting them regularly and spot-cleaning any stains with a mild detergent solution. For deeper cleaning, carefully remove the blinds and hand wash or machine wash them on a gentle cycle, depending on the fabric's care instructions. Always allow the blinds to dry completely before rehanging.

  • Are festoon blinds suitable for all windows?

    While festoon blinds can be customized to fit most window sizes, they are particularly well-suited to larger windows or those with a significant drop, as the full effect of the gathered fabric is best displayed in such spaces. However, for very small or unusually shaped windows, other types of window treatments might be more practical.

  • Can festoon blinds provide effective light control?

    Yes, festoon blinds can offer effective light control, depending on the fabric chosen. Lighter fabrics will filter and diffuse sunlight, creating a soft, ambient light, while heavier fabrics can block out more light, providing privacy and reducing glare. Additionally, adjusting the height of the blinds allows for customizable light control throughout the day.

Practical Application

When incorporating festoon blinds into your interior design, consider the room's existing decor and the atmosphere you wish to create. For a light and airy feel, opt for sheer or lightweight fabrics. For more privacy and light control, choose heavier materials. Also, consider the color and pattern of the fabric to ensure it complements the room's overall aesthetic. Customizing the depth and spacing of the pleats can further enhance the blind's decorative appeal, making it a focal point in the room.