What is an Eyelet?

A small hole with reinforced stitching or metal surrounding it, used for decoration or functionality in fabrics.


An eyelet is a small, round hole that is most commonly found in fabrication materials like cloth, netting, or other textiles. It is typically reinforced with stitching or a metal ring to prevent the material from tearing and to ensure longevity. Eyelets are an essential component in interior design and serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.

From a decorative standpoint, eyelets can add texture, pattern, and a delicate, detailed look to various items, including curtains, beddings, cushions, and upholstery. Functionally, they are often used in window treatments or fabric-based decor to allow for attachment, hanging, or the introduction of ties and cords. Eyelets are also key in creating ventilated spaces within fabric designs, allowing air and light to pass through effectively.

The material surrounding the eyelet can vary, with more durable items (like outdoor furniture covers) often utilizing metal rings to withstand elements like wind and rain. In contrast, interior items may favor stitched eyelets for a softer, more refined appearance. The choice between a stitched or metal-reinforced eyelet often depends on the item's intended use and the desired aesthetic.


Eyelets are used in a variety of interior design applications. For example, they are prominent in the design of drapery and shower curtains, where they serve the practical purpose of facilitating the easy movement of the fabric on a rod. In decorative pillows and upholstered furniture, eyelets can be utilized as a design element to add a touch of elegance or a rustic charm, depending on the overall style of the piece.


  • Can eyelets be used in outdoor design?

    Yes, eyelets are frequently used in outdoor design, especially in items like canvas covers for furniture, where metal eyelets help withstand the elements.

  • Are there different types of eyelets?

    Yes, there are various types, mainly differing in material (metal or fabric) and size. The choice depends on the functional requirements and aesthetic desires.

  • How are eyelets installed in fabric?

    Eyelets can be installed using a specialized tool or kit that typically includes a cutter to make the hole and a setting tool to secure the eyelet in place.

Practical Application

When selecting eyelets for a design project, consider the material and setting where they will be used. For items exposed to outdoor conditions, opt for metal-reinforced eyelets. For interior items, fabric-stitched eyelets offer a softer appearance. Ensure proper tools are used for installation to achieve a neat and secure finish.