What is an End Table?

An end table is a small table often placed beside a couch or chair in living rooms or beside a bed in bedrooms.


An end table, sometimes known as a side table, is a functional and decorative piece of furniture often found in living rooms and bedrooms. Its primary purpose is to provide a convenient surface near seating areas or bedsides for placing items such as lamps, books, drinks, or decorative objects like vases and photo frames. End tables come in various shapes, styles, and materials, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the existing decor or stand out as a statement piece.

Choosing the right end table can significantly affect the room's overall look and feel, as well as its usability. When selecting an end table, it's essential to consider the table's height, size, and style in relation to the furniture it will accompany. For instance, in a living room, an end table should generally be at the same height as the arm of the couch or chair it's placed beside, ensuring easy access to items on the table.

Materials used in end tables range from traditional wood to modern metals and glass, offering endless possibilities to match personal tastes and existing interiors. The design of the end table can also vary widely, from minimalist and contemporary to ornate and classical, allowing for flexibility in integrating it into various design styles.


In a modern living room, a sleek, metal-framed end table may be situated next to a minimalist sofa, holding a contemporary lamp and a stack of design magazines. Alternatively, in a more traditionally styled bedroom, a wooden end table with carved details might be placed beside the bed, supporting a classic table lamp and a collection of nighttime reading books.


  • Can an end table be used in other rooms besides living rooms and bedrooms?

    Yes, end tables are versatile and can be used in other rooms, such as home offices or hallways, wherever a convenient surface is needed for lighting, decor, or utility items.

  • Are there specific design rules for choosing an end table?

    While there are no strict rules, it's recommended to consider the height, size, and style of the end table in relation to the surrounding furniture to ensure aesthetic harmony and functionality.

  • Can end tables have storage?

    Yes, many end tables come with drawers, shelves, or compartments, adding utility by providing extra storage space for items like remotes, magazines, or small items.

Practical Application

When selecting an end table, measure the height of the furniture it will be placed beside to ensure a comfortable reach. Consider the table's material and design to either complement or contrast with your existing decor. For small spaces, look for end tables with storage to increase functionality.