What is a Cabochon?

A cabochon refers to a stone that has been polished and shaped without faceting.


A cabochon is a kind of gemstone that has been cut into a smooth, convex shape and polished, rather than being faceted. This method of shaping stones emphasizes the natural beauty, color, and texture of the material. Cabochons may be made from gems, semi-precious stones, or other decorative materials.

In the realm of interior design, cabochons have a special place. They are often used to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to furniture, decorative objects, and architectural elements. For instance, cabochons can be inlaid into tabletops, cabinets, or even floors, creating stunning and intricate designs. Their smooth, rounded surfaces catch the light in a gentle way, differing significantly from the sharp sparkle of faceted gems. This can lend a subtle, yet luxurious, ambiance to an interior space.


Cabochons are popular choices for decorative objects, such as jeweled boxes or inlays in furniture like cabinets and tables. They're also used in architectural elements to add ornamental value to structures or features within a house or building, including wall inlays and decorative floor designs.


  • Can cabochons be made from any type of stone?

    Yes, cabochons can be made from virtually any type of stone, including gemstones, semi-precious stones, or decorative materials like glass and crystal.

  • How are cabochons incorporated into interior design?

    Cabochons are incorporated into interior design through inlays in furniture, wall treatments and finishes, and flooring and carpets, as well as being part of decorative objects.

  • Are all cabochons rounded?

    Yes, a defining characteristic of cabochons is their smooth, rounded, and convex shape, contrasting with the angular facets of cut gemstones.

Practical Application

When considering incorporating cabochons into your design, think about the area where they will be placed, as well as the ambient lighting. Their smooth surfaces play well with soft lighting, creating a luxurious feel. For furniture or decorative objects, select cabochons that complement the piece's overall design and palette. In flooring and carpets or wall designs, ensure the cabochon's color and material match your room's theme.