What is Acrilan?

Acrilan is a type of synthetic acrylic fiber.


Acrilan, a trademarked synthetic acrylic fiber, stands out in the world of textiles for its versatile properties and uses in interior design. Specially engineered for enhanced durability, color retention, and softness, Acrilan fibers are often compared to wool in terms of their warmth and texture but offer the added benefits of improved resistance to wear, mildew, and moths. This makes them a highly sought-after material in the creation of textiles and upholstery, window treatments, and flooring and carpets.

Owing to their synthetic nature, Acrilan fibers can be produced in a wide range of colors and patterns, enabling designers to incorporate vibrant hues and intricate designs into their projects without worrying about the typical fading associated with natural fibers. Moreover, Acrilan is relatively easy to care for, requiring minimal special treatment to maintain its appearance over time.

In the context of sustainability and eco-friendly design, Acrilan's contribution is nuanced. While it is derived from petroleum products, its durability and longevity can lead to less frequent textile replacements, potentially reducing waste.


Acrilan is widely used in the production of residential and commercial interior textiles, notably for upholstery, drapes, area rugs, and carpets. Its attributes make it suitable for both high-traffic areas and living spaces where comfort and aesthetic appeal are desired.


  • How does Acrilan compare to natural fibers such as wool?

    Acrilan offers similar warmth and texture to wool but with enhanced durability, color retention, and resistance to mildew and moths. It’s an excellent alternative for those looking for wool-like qualities without its downsides.

  • Is Acrilan easy to care for?

    Yes, Acrilan is relatively easy to maintain. It can often be machine washed and dried, making it a convenient option for busy households or commercial settings where ease of maintenance is a priority.

  • Can Acrilan be eco-friendly?

    While Acrilan is derived from petroleum products, its durability and potential for less frequent replacements can contribute to less waste, offering a nuanced view on its eco-friendliness.

Practical Application

When incorporating Acrilan into your interior design projects, consider it for areas where durability and vibrant coloration are key. It makes for excellent upholstery fabric for furniture that sees frequent use, stylish yet practical window treatments, and cozy, colorful area rugs that tie a room together. Given its easy care instructions, Acrilan is also an ideal choice for families or spaces that require low-maintenance fabrics.