What is Banquette?

A banquette is a long, upholstered bench that is often used in dining areas.


A banquette is a specific type of seating that is gaining popularity in both homes and commercial spaces due to its efficient use of space and cozy, intimate feel. This long, upholstered bench is typically fixed against a wall and can be designed in a variety of shapes like straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped to fit different types of dining areas. Unlike traditional freestanding chairs, banquettes are built in or fixed to the wall, making them a space-saving solution that maximizes seating in smaller areas.

Banquettes are often used in combination with tables and other seating types to create a dining nook or eating area that feels both intimate and efficient. The seating is usually upholstered for comfort, and its design can range from simple and modern to complex and ornate, depending on the interior design style of the space. They are a versatile seating solution, fitting well into various design styles including modern, traditional, and eclectic.

In addition to their practicality, banquettes can also serve as a design statement in a room, providing an opportunity to introduce bold fabrics, patterns, and colors. Because they are a key focal point, choosing the right materials and design can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of a space.


Banquettes are commonly seen in residential dining rooms, breakfast nooks, and kitchen areas. They are also popular in commercial settings such as cafes, bistros, and restaurants, where space efficiency is crucial. In homes, they provide a cozy spot for family meals, homework, or casual gatherings. In commercial spaces, their efficient design helps maximize seating capacity without sacrificing comfort.


  • Can a banquette be used in outdoor settings?

    Yes, banquettes can be adapted for outdoor use. It's important to choose materials that are weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor conditions.

  • How can I customize my banquette to fit my interior design style?

    To customize your banquette, consider the shape, upholstery fabric, color, and pattern. You can also add decorative elements like nailhead trim or tufting to match your interior design style.

  • Is it difficult to install a banquette?

    Installing a banquette can be complex, as it often requires building and upholstering. Many homeowners choose to hire professionals for the task to ensure a perfect fit and finish.

Practical Application

When incorporating a banquette into your design, consider the space and how people will use it. Measure the area carefully to ensure a good fit and choose upholstery material that is durable and easy to clean, especially in dining areas. For a personal touch, add throw pillows and cushions in various textures and patterns. Think about the overall design of the room and select a banquette style that complements it, whether you’re aiming for a sleek, modern look or a warm, traditional feel. Lastly, make sure the table and any additional chairs work well with the banquette to create a cohesive and functional dining area.