What is American Oriental?

American Oriental is a design style that merges traditional American design elements with Oriental influences.


American Oriental is a distinctive style within the realm of interior design that artfully combines characteristics of traditional American aesthetics with elements inspired by Oriental (Asian) cultures. This unique blend creates spaces that are both familiar and exotic, incorporating the comfort and warmth of American design with the intricate beauty and sophistication of Oriental art, textiles, and furniture.

The incorporation of Oriental elements can include the use of fabrics such as silk or bamboo, furniture pieces like tansu chests or low tables, decorative items such as scrolls or porcelain, and the emphasis on clean lines and minimalism, which is a hallmark of traditional Asian design. By integrating these features, an American Oriental space achieves a balance between the understated elegance of Asian influences and the casual, functional approach of American interior design.

This style is adaptable and can be applied in various contexts, from a more traditional setting that focuses on rich woods and detailed craftsmanship to a modern approach that emphasizes simplicity and open spaces. The fusion of these diverse design principles allows for a highly personalized and cultured aesthetic that can appeal to a broad audience.


An example of American Oriental design might be a living room that features a traditional American sofa and coffee table, complemented by silk throw pillows, bamboo planters, and Asian-inspired wall art. This blend of elements creates a cohesive, culturally rich environment that is visually appealing and comfortable.


  • What are some key furniture pieces in American Oriental design?

    Key furniture pieces include tansu chests, low tables, and bamboo chairs. Additionally, incorporating silk or bamboo fabrics and porcelain or lacquer decorative items can enhance the aesthetic.

  • How does American Oriental design differ from traditional Asian design?

    American Oriental design merges the comfort and functionality of American design with the elegance and minimalism of traditional Asian design, creating a unique blend that is both inviting and aesthetically sophisticated.

  • Can American Oriental design be applied in modern homes?

    Absolutely. American Oriental design is versatile and can be applied in both traditional and modern settings, emphasizing clean lines, minimalism, and the thoughtful integration of Oriental elements with contemporary American design.

Practical Application

When incorporating American Oriental design into your space, start with a neutral color palette and select key furniture pieces that reflect both American and Oriental styles. Add decorative items such as porcelain vases, scrolls, or silk pillows to introduce Oriental aesthetics. Remember to maintain a balance between the simplicity and elegance of Asian design and the comfort and functionality of American interiors.