What is a Swing Leg?

A swing leg is a movable leg attached to furniture, allowing it to extend or collapse.


A swing leg is an innovative element in furniture design that features a leg or set of legs attached to a piece of furniture in such a way that they can be swung out or in. This mechanism is particularly useful in items like drop-leaf tables, sewing tables, or convertible furniture, providing support when the extendable part is in use, and saving space when it's not. The concept behind a swing leg is to offer flexibility and versatility in furniture design, making it an ideal solution for space-saving furniture in small apartments or rooms that serve multiple purposes.

Swing legs are typically designed to be sturdy when locked in place, ensuring that the furniture piece remains stable when its extended surface is being used. They can be crafted from various materials, including wood, metal, or composite materials, depending on the design and style of the furniture. The mechanism for swinging the leg in and out varies, from simple manual operations to more sophisticated, mechanically-assisted movements.


Swing legs are commonly found in dining room tables, particularly in drop-leaf designs, where the legs swing out to support the leaf when it's extended. They can also be seen in multipurpose furniture pieces, such as a writing desk that converts into a console table, or in sewing tables where the leg swings out to support an extended work surface.


  • How do you operate a swing leg?

    Operating a swing leg is generally simple. You manually pull or push the leg to swing it out for support or in for storage. Some designs may have a locking mechanism to secure the leg in either position for added stability.

  • Can swing legs be added to existing furniture?

    Yes, with the right tools and some carpentry skills, swing legs can be added to existing furniture. However, it's important to ensure that the added legs will provide adequate support and that they properly align with the design and functionality of the furniture.

  • Are swing legs durable?

    Swing legs are designed to be durable and provide stable support when in use. The durability largely depends on the material used and the quality of the construction. Regular maintenance can also help prolong their lifespan.

Practical Application

When considering incorporating swing legs into your furniture design, it’s important to ensure that they are properly installed and aligned to offer the best support when extended. For those looking to save space in a room or require furniture that can adapt to different uses, items with swing legs offer an excellent solution. Regular maintenance, including checking the mechanism and ensuring that the legs are secure, will help keep your furniture in top condition.