What is a Splat?

A central element of the backrest in a chair, typically wooden, that provides both support and decorative value.


In the realm of interior design, the term "splat" refers to a distinct component of a chair's structure, primarily found running vertically in the center of the backrest. Made predominantly from wood, the splat is integral not just for the physical support it provides to the chair’s construction but also for its role in adding aesthetic appeal. This feature can be elaborately carved, painted, or constructed in a simple, minimalist design, allowing it to complement a wide range of design styles.

The shape and embellishment of a splat can vary widely, offering insights into the period and style of the chair, from intricate baroque carvings to sleek, modernist lines. Its design allows for creativity and personal expression in furniture design, reflecting the artistic tendencies of its era. Furthermore, the splat isn’t limited to traditional wooden chairs but can be found in contemporary materials and designs, showcasing its adaptability across historical periods and movements.

Understanding the splat is essential for anyone looking to appreciate or identify intricacies within furniture design, offering clues about the chair's design ethos, period of production, and stylistic influences.


Interior designers often pay particular attention to the design of a splat when selecting chairs for a room or space. This feature can serve as a focal point, adding character and elegance to a dining room, living area, or any space where seating is a central element of the design. In restoration or antique collection, identifying the style and craftsmanship of a splat can be critical for authenticity verification and historical accuracy. Additionally, in custom furniture design, the splat provides an opportunity for unique expression and creativity.


  • Can a splat be found on all types of chairs?

    No, not all chairs feature a splat. Its presence is more common in chairs with a distinct backrest, especially those designed with an emphasis on both function and form.

  • Are splats purely decorative?

    While splats often serve a decorative purpose, showcasing intricate designs or carving, they also play a crucial role in providing structural support to the chair's backrest.

  • How does the design of a splat influence the overall look of a chair?

    The design of a splat can greatly influence the chair's visual appeal and style, ranging from simple, clean lines that contribute to a minimalist aesthetic, to elaborate carvings that reflect more ornate, traditional designs.

Practical Application

When selecting chairs for an interior design project, consider the splat's design and how it complements the room's overall style. Pay attention to the detail, material, and shape of the splat to ensure it aligns with the design styles and aesthetic goals of your project. Whether you're aiming for a traditional, elaborate look or a more modern, minimalist approach, the splat can significantly impact the chair's stylistic contribution to the room.