What is Sofa Table?

A long, narrow table designed to be placed behind a sofa.


A sofa table is a versatile piece of furniture that serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Traditionally, these tables are long and narrow, designed to sit behind a sofa, hence the name. Sofa tables can range in style from sleek and modern to ornately carved, fitting various interior design preferences.

The beauty of a sofa table lies in its adaptability. While its primary purpose may be to provide a surface for lamps, books, or decorative objects, it can also serve as a room divider in open-plan spaces or even as additional serving space during gatherings. The height of a sofa table is typically matched to the back of the sofa it accompanies, ensuring a seamless look.

Incorporating a sofa table into your living space is a simple way to add functionality without sacrificing style. They can complement the sofa's design, bringing cohesiveness to your room's decor. Furthermore, sofa tables are an excellent way to utilize space efficiently in smaller rooms, offering extra surface area without occupying too much floor space.


Sofa tables are commonly placed in living rooms, sitting directly behind sofas. They are often used to hold various items such as lamps, decorative pieces, or books. In some homes, sofa tables serve as a space for displaying family photos or as a convenient spot for placing drinks and snacks during gatherings.


  • Can a sofa table be used for storage?

    Yes, many sofa tables come with shelves, drawers, or both, offering additional storage space for items like remote controls, magazines, or coasters.

  • How do I choose the right size sofa table?

    The length of the sofa table should generally not exceed the length of the sofa it sits behind, and the height should be roughly equal to or slightly lower than the sofa's back.

  • Can a sofa table be used as a desk?

    Absolutely, some people use sofa tables as makeshift desks, especially in small living spaces where versatility is key.

  • Are sofa tables only suitable for traditional decor styles?

    No, sofa tables come in a wide range of styles and designs, making them suitable for various decor themes, from traditional to contemporary.

Practical Application

When incorporating a sofa table into your space, consider the overall style and function of the room. Measure your sofa and space to ensure a good fit, and look for a table that complements your other furniture and decor. Using the table to display a mix of personal and decorative items can add a personal touch to your space while maintaining a stylish look.