What is a Side Chair?

A side chair is a chair without armrests typically used for dining or accent seating.


A side chair, as the name suggests, traditionally sits alongside the sides of a dining table, offering seating that is both stylish and space-saving. Unlike their armchair counterparts, side chairs lack armrests, making them an ideal choice for compact dining areas where space is at a premium. Their design varies extensively from minimal and modern to elaborately carved traditional styles, adapting easily to a variety of interior design aesthetic.

In addition to their primary role in dining settings, side chairs can also serve multiple purposes throughout the home. They are frequently used as accent pieces in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways. Due to their typically lightweight design, they can be easily moved to accommodate extra guests or to change the layout of a space.

The materials used for side chairs encompass a wide range, including wood, metal, plastic, and upholstered options, offering flexibility to match any decor theme. Their versatility and functional design make side chairs a vital component of interior design, blending utility with style to enhance any room's appeal.


Side chairs are commonly found in dining rooms, aligned along the sides of a dining table. However, their utility extends beyond the dining space; they are also used as seating in living rooms, bedrooms, and foyers. In business settings, side chairs can be found in offices and waiting areas, providing a compact seating solution.


  • Can side chairs be used as primary seating in living areas?

    Yes, side chairs can serve as primary seating in living areas, especially when space is limited or when a minimalistic design approach is favored.

  • Are side chairs comfortable for long periods of sitting?

    While side chairs can be comfortable, their design is more focused on space efficiency and aesthetic appeal rather than long-term comfort. For extended sitting, chairs with ergonomic support or armrests might be preferable.

  • How do you choose the right side chair for your space?

    Consider the chair's material, design style, and color to ensure it complements your existing decor. Also, think about the chair's intended use, whether for dining, accent seating, or another purpose, to select a model that meets your needs.

Practical Application

When selecting a side chair for your home or office, focus on the balance between form and function. Look for chairs that complement your interior design style while also being suitable for their intended use. For dining rooms, ensure the chair height is compatible with your table. In living spaces, consider a chair that adds a decorative element or provides additional seating when needed.