What is a Semainier?

A Semainier is a tall, narrow chest of drawers, typically with seven drawers.


In the realm of interior design, a Semainier stands out as a functional yet elegant furniture piece traditionally designed to hold a week’s worth of clothing - hence its name, derived from the French word for 'week,' 'semaine'. Typically, these are tall, slender chests featuring seven drawers, intended for organizing clothing by the day of the week. Due to its sleek profile, the Semainier is versatile enough to fit into narrow spaces while offering ample storage, making it a popular choice for bedrooms, closets, or even entryways for storing miscellaneous items.

Originally popularized in 18th-century France as part of the luxurious furnishings in the homes of the affluent, the Semainier has evolved. Today, they come in a variety of styles suitable for any design styles, from classic to modern. This piece of furniture not only helps with organization but also adds an element of subtle sophistication to any room. The inclusion of a Semainier in interior decorating schemes highlights a blend of practicality with an appreciation for historical furniture designs.


Interior designers may suggest incorporating a Semainier into a bedroom layout to maximize storage space while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. Similarly, it can be used in a home office for organizing documents or in a hallway as a sophisticated storage solution for everyday essentials.


  • What materials is a Semainier typically made from?

    Semainiers can be crafted from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or a combination thereof. The choice of material often influences the Semainier's style and durability.

  • Can a Semainier be used in modern interiors?

    Absolutely. While Semainiers have historical roots, many contemporary designs are available that fit perfectly within modern interiors. Designers often select them for their functional storage capacity and sleek lines.

  • How do you choose the right Semainier for your space?

    Consider the size of the area where you'll place it to ensure it fits without overcrowding the space. Think about the style and material that will compliment your existing decor, and prioritize durability and the quality of construction.

Practical Application

When choosing a Semainier for your space, assess the area where it will be placed to ensure there is enough room for it to stand without impeding movement around the space. Opt for a design that complements your existing interior decor, whether that be traditional, transitional, or modern. Besides considering aesthetics, focus on the practicality of the drawer sizes and the overall capacity to meet your storage needs. Cleaning and maintenance should also be factored in, depending on the material of the Semainier.