What is Rolled Arms?

Rolled arms are a style of sofa and chair armrests characterized by their rounded, curling shape.


Rolled arms are one of the most recognizable features in traditional furniture design, especially prominent in sofas, armchairs, and loveseats. This design element is marked by armrests that are distinctly rounded and often appear to gently spiral down from the back of the furniture to the front, reminiscent of the elegant scrolls found in classic architecture. The arms may vary in size from subtly rounded to more pronounced, bulky curls, contributing to the piece's overall aesthetic and comfort.

The origin of rolled arms can be traced back to the early 19th century, drawing inspiration from the luxurious and ornate styles of the Victorian era. These arms have not only provided an aesthetic appeal but have also been designed with comfort in mind, offering a soft, padded area for resting one's arms. Their timeless appeal has allowed them to remain popular in both traditional and contemporary settings, seamlessly blending with a variety of design styles.

In contemporary interior design, rolled arms are often updated with modern fabrics and colors, making them more adaptable to a wide range of decor themes. Whether upholstered in rich, textured materials and textiles like velvet or a sleek, modern fabric, rolled arms add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any living space.


Rolled arms can be found in various settings, from formal living rooms and cozy dens to casual family rooms and even in commercial spaces like hotels and lounges. They are particularly favored in traditional and transitional interiors, where their classic silhouette can add a layer of richness and comfort. However, modern takes on rolled arms feature sleek designs and contemporary fabrics, making them suitable for minimalist and modern aesthetics as well.


  • Are rolled arms comfortable?

    Yes, rolled arms are designed with comfort in mind. Their rounded shape provides a soft, padded surface for resting the arms, making them a cozy feature of sofas and chairs.

  • Can rolled arms be incorporated into modern interior design?

    Absolutely. While traditionally associated with classic designs, rolled arms can be adapted to fit modern interiors through the use of contemporary fabrics and minimalist styling.

  • Is it difficult to maintain furniture with rolled arms?

    Maintenance varies depending on the material and finish of the upholstery. However, furniture with rolled arms generally requires the same level of care as any upholstered furniture, involving regular vacuuming and prompt treatment of spills.

Practical Application

To incorporate rolled arms into your interior design, consider the overall style and theme of your space. For a traditional look, opt for a piece with substantial, pronounced rolled arms upholstered in a rich, textured material. If your decor leans more towards contemporary, look for a sofa or armchair with sleeker, more subtlety rounded arms in a modern fabric. Regardless of style, the timeless nature of rolled arms can add an element of elegance and comfort to any room.