What is a Pencil Pleat?

A type of curtain heading known for its tightly gathered folds.


Pencil pleat is a classic and versatile curtain heading style characterized by its tightly gathered folds that resemble a row of pencils laid side by side. This style is created by pulling cords on the backside of the curtain tape, which gathers the fabric to form the distinctive pleat.

One of the main advantages of a pencil pleat is its adaptability to various interior design styles, from traditional to more contemporary settings. It allows for a tailored look that can be easily adjusted to suit the fullness and drape desired by the homeowner. Furthermore, because it distributes the fabric evenly across the width of the curtain, it creates a pleasing, uniform appearance when the curtains are closed.

Pencil pleat curtains can be hung using either a curtain track or a rod with rings, offering flexibility in terms of installation and appearance. When hung properly and dressed (arranged evenly), these curtains can enhance the overall aesthetics of a room while providing privacy and controlling light.


Pencil pleat curtains are frequently chosen for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas due to their elegant appearance. They are particularly beneficial in settings where a blend of functionality and style is desired. People often select this style for its aesthetic appeal and because it offers an excellent balance between blocking light and allowing enough to filter through to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


  • Can pencil pleat curtains be used with any type of curtain rod?

    Yes, pencil pleat curtains can be used with both curtain tracks and rods with rings, making them a versatile choice for various window treatments.

  • How do you adjust the fullness of pencil pleat curtains?

    The fullness of pencil pleat curtains can be adjusted by pulling the cords on the backside of the curtain tape and tying the cords to secure the pleats in place.

  • Are pencil pleat curtains suitable for all room types?

    While pencil pleat curtains are versatile and can suit many room types, the final choice would depend on the room's decor and the desired aesthetic.

Practical Application

To achieve the best look with pencil pleat curtains, ensure they are evenly gathered and the pleats are spaced correctly before hanging. Take time to 'dress' the curtains by arranging the pleats evenly from top to bottom, and tie them in place if necessary to help set the folds. This will give your curtains a neat, tailored appearance and maximize their decorative impact. Use a curtain track or rod with rings for hanging, based on your design preference and the type of look you wish to achieve.