What is a Pelmet?

A pelmet is a framework placed above a window, used to conceal curtain fixtures.


A pelmet is typically found at the top of a window, extending across its width. This decorative element serves a dual purpose: it conceals curtain fixtures, such as the track or rod, adding a polished look to the window dressing, and it can also help reduce the amount of light entering a room when the curtains are drawn, by blocking the gap between the curtain top and the wall. Pelmets come in various styles, materials, and designs, ranging from simple and sleek to elaborate and ornate. They can be made of wood, fabric, or other materials, and may be padded and covered with fabric to match or complement the curtains. The design of a pelmet can significantly influence the overall aesthetic of a room, making it a key consideration in interior design.


In traditional interiors, a pelmet might feature intricate carvings or moldings that align with the room's historical design theme. In contemporary spaces, on the other hand, pelmets are often minimalist and sleek, serving more as a subtle architectural detail. Pelmets can also be custom-made to reflect personal style, room decor, or even to incorporate added functionality, such as integrated lighting.


  • Can pelmets be used with all types of window treatments?

    Yes, pelmets can be used with various types of window treatments, including curtains, drapes, and blinds. However, the design and installation might vary depending on the type of window covering.

  • Are pelmets only decorative, or do they serve any functional purpose?

    While pelmets are highly decorative, they also serve functional purposes. They conceal curtain hardware for a cleaner look and can help prevent light leakage at the top of the window.

  • Can pelmets be customized?

    Absolutely! Pelmets can be customized in terms of size, material, design, and color to match or complement the existing room decor and window treatments.

Practical Application

When considering adding a pelmet to your window dressing, think about the room's overall design theme and desired functionality. Measure the window width accurately to ensure the pelmet fits perfectly. If adding decorative elements, consider the room's existing decor to create a cohesive look. For a functional enhancement, explore options like integrated lighting for a modern touch.