What is a Lincoln Rocker?

A Lincoln Rocker is a specific style of rocking chair.


The Lincoln Rocker, often associated with American history and comfort, is a distinguished style of rocking chair known for its elegant design and association with President Abraham Lincoln. This particular style is characterized by its curved backrest, spacious seat, and the gentle arc of its rockers, which provide a smooth, soothing motion. The armrests are typically scrolled or curved, offering additional comfort and support.

The chair's design reflects a blend of traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for those seeking both comfort and a touch of historical elegance in their homes. The high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail in the construction of Lincoln Rockers are key to their durability and lasting beauty. Commonly made from hardwood, these chairs can feature various finishes and upholsteries, allowing for a range of stylistic choices to suit different interior design preferences.

One intriguing aspect of the Lincoln Rocker is its cultural significance. Named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, it is said that Lincoln was particularly fond of rocking chairs, making this style an homage to his memory. Although its historical ties add an element of nostalgia, the Lincoln Rocker remains a timeless choice for those seeking a comfortable and stylish seating option.


The Lincoln Rocker finds its place in a variety of settings, from traditional living rooms and cozy libraries to modern bedrooms and sunrooms. Its versatile design allows it to complement a wide range of interior design styles, including classic, country, and even contemporary spaces. The chair is not only a comfortable piece for relaxation but also serves as a conversation starter, adding an element of historical charm to any room.


  • What makes a Lincoln Rocker different from other rocking chairs?

    A Lincoln Rocker is distinguished by its specific design elements, such as its curved backrest, scrolled armrests, and the gentle arc of its rockers, which together offer a unique blend of comfort and style that stands out from other rocking chair designs.

  • Can a Lincoln Rocker fit into contemporary interior design?

    Yes, despite its traditional origins, a Lincoln Rocker can be adapted to fit contemporary interior design schemes. Its timeless elegance and comfort make it a versatile piece that can be styled with modern textiles and accessories to blend seamlessly into a variety of modern settings.

  • Is the Lincoln Rocker named after President Abraham Lincoln?

    Yes, the Lincoln Rocker is named after President Abraham Lincoln, who was known for his fondness of rocking chairs. This style of rocker serves as an homage to his memory, adding historical significance and charm to its appeal.

Practical Application

To incorporate a Lincoln Rocker into your home, consider its placement in areas where comfort and relaxation are prioritized. Due to its design and historical significance, it also makes for an excellent focal point in a room. Pair it with soft throws or pillows for added comfort and aesthetics. If you're blending it into a contemporary setting, consider a modern upholstery fabric or a standout finish to bridge the gap between traditional and modern styles.