What is Egg & Dart?

Egg & Dart is an ornamental design featuring alternating egg-shaped and dart or arrow-like elements.


Egg & Dart is a classical decorative motif widely used in architectural and furniture design, embodying alternating elements that resemble an egg or oval shape and a pointed, dart-like shape. This design pattern has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, symbolizing life and death or the dual nature of existence. Over time, it became a popular ornamental detail in various historical design styles, particularly in Neoclassical and Renaissance architecture.

The visual rhythm and contrast between the soft, curving lines of the egg shapes and the sharp, angular forms of the darts create a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing pattern. Typically, this motif is carved into wood, stone, or plaster as a decorative border on furniture, door frames, cornices, and other architectural elements. The intricacy of the Egg & Dart design showcases the skill of the craftsmen and adds a layer of sophistication and historical significance to interior and architectural elements.


Egg & Dart is commonly found in classical and traditional interior design settings. It can be seen as a decorative border on the edge of a table or chair, outlining doorways, or as part of the trim on cornices and ceiling medallions. In historical buildings, this motif may be used extensively in the decoration of columns, friezes, and capitals.


  • Is Egg & Dart design only suitable for traditional interiors?

    No, while Egg & Dart is a classical motif, it can be incorporated into contemporary settings as a statement piece or to add a touch of historical elegance. The key is to balance this ornate motif with simpler, modern elements.

  • Can Egg & Dart be used in exterior design?

    Yes, Egg & Dart motifs are often used in the architectural details of exterior elements such as building facades, cornices, and capitals, adding visual interest and historical depth to outdoor spaces.

  • What materials are commonly used for Egg & Dart designs?

    Egg & Dart motifs can be crafted from a variety of materials including wood, plaster, stone, and even metal, depending on the desired aesthetic and application.

Practical Application

When incorporating Egg & Dart into your design, consider its historical significance and aesthetic impact. Use it sparingly as a decorative accent to avoid overwhelming a space. It works exceptionally well as a sophisticated border in more formal areas or to elevate the design of furniture pieces. Being mindful of the material and finish can also help integrate this motif into a broader range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.