What is a Dust Cover?

A dust cover is a protective fabric lining attached to the underside of furniture.


A dust cover, in the context of interior design, refers to a protective fabric liner that is usually attached to the underside of pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Its primary purpose is to prevent dust and other small debris from settling into the crevices and mechanical components of furniture, thereby extending the item's lifespan and maintaining its aesthetic and functional quality.

Recognized as an essential part of furniture construction, dust covers are often made from a lightweight, durable material like cambric, which is finely woven to effectively block out dust particles. Furthermore, it conceals the internal workings of upholstered furniture, providing a neater appearance. While initially functional, the choice of dust cover material and its application can also play a part in the furniture's overall design.

For furniture manufacturers and restorers, the installation of a dust cover is one of the final steps in the furniture-making or refurbishment process, signifying the piece's completion. Although largely hidden from view, the presence of a dust cover is a hallmark of quality craftsmanship.


In a furniture showroom, a customer notices the neat finish on the underside of a sofa and inquires about it. The salesperson explains that the sofa is equipped with a cambric dust cover, which serves to protect the inner components from dust accumulation and provides a finished look.


  • Can dust covers be replaced or repaired?

    Yes, dust covers can be replaced or repaired as part of furniture maintenance. This is usually done during reupholstering or professional cleaning services.

  • Are all types of furniture equipped with dust covers?

    Not all furniture items have dust covers, as they are typically found on pieces with hidden mechanical parts or cushioning, like sofas, ottomans, and upholstered chairs.

  • Can homeowners install dust covers themselves?

    While the installation of dust covers is usually done by professionals, it is possible for homeowners to attach dust covers themselves with the right tools and materials.

Practical Application

When purchasing new furniture or refurbishing existing pieces, consider the presence of a dust cover as an indicator of quality and longevity. For DIY enthusiasts, adding or replacing a dust cover can be a simple yet effective way to protect your furniture and give it a professional finish.