What is Continuous Coil?

Continuous Coil refers to a engineered construction method used in mattresses and upholstery.


Continuous Coil is an innovative construction method primarily used in the manufacturing of mattresses and some types of upholstery. This technique involves the use of a single, long wire formed into a series of s-shaped coils that are interconnected. Unlike individually pocketed coils, continuous coil systems are connected by small helical wires, making the overall structure more durable and providing a firmer support system.

The use of continuous coils offers several benefits, including enhanced durability, uniform support across the entire surface, and reduced motion transfer, making it ideal for those sharing a bed. Additionally, mattresses utilizing continuous coil systems tend to be more budget-friendly compared to their counterparts, making them a popular choice for individuals and families looking for quality sleep solutions without breaking the bank.


Continuous Coil mattresses are commonly found in households and hotels, offering a cost-effective yet comfortable sleeping solution. They are particularly favored by people requiring firmer support from their mattress, including those with back issues. In the realm of upholstery, continuous coil systems are used in select furniture pieces to provide long-lasting support and comfort.


  • How do continuous coils compare to pocketed coils?

    Continuous coils are interconnected, making them more durable and offering firmer support. Pocketed coils, on the other hand, are individually wrapped, offering more targeted support and less motion transfer.

  • Are continuous coil mattresses good for people with back problems?

    Yes, due to their firmer support system, continuous coil mattresses can be beneficial for individuals with back issues, as they help maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep.

  • Can continuous coil systems be used in any type of mattress?

    While primarily used in innerspring mattresses, continuous coil technology can also be incorporated into hybrid mattresses, combining the benefits of coils with layers of memory foam or latex.

  • Are continuous coil mattresses more affordable than other types?

    Yes, generally, mattresses with a continuous coil system are more budget-friendly than those with pocketed coils or entirely foam constructions.

Practical Application

When shopping for a mattress or upholstered furniture, consider the benefits of continuous coils, especially if you're seeking long-lasting durability and firmer support without a high price tag. Ensure to test out different firmness levels to find the ideal match for your comfort and support needs.