What is Client Purchase Price?

Client Purchase Price refers to the cost price of items or services purchased on behalf of a client in the context of interior design.


Client Purchase Price is a term commonly used in the interior design industry to denote the actual cost price of goods, materials, or services procured by a designer or a design firm directly from vendors or suppliers, on behalf of their clients. This cost includes the base price of the item or service, as well as any shipping, handling, and taxes involved in the procurement.

The concept is particularly relevant when designers operate on a purchasing or procurement model where they buy products directly for a project. This model allows clients to benefit from the designer's access to trade discounts or wholesale prices that are not readily available to the general public. The Client Purchase Price may sometimes be marked up by the designer to cover additional services or operational costs, leading to the 'selling price' charged to the client, which includes a profit margin for the designer.

Understanding the Client Purchase Price is crucial for transparency between designers and clients, enabling clients to see the breakdown of costs and where their money is going. It also assists in budgeting and ensures that projects stay within financial limits.


For instance, if an interior designer is tasked with furnishing a client's living room, the Client Purchase Price would encompass the cost of purchasing a sofa, coffee table, and lamps directly from manufacturers or wholesalers. This price may be lower than retail, reflecting the designer's trade discounts. After calculating additional costs and the designer's markup, the final price presented to the client covers all expenses plus the designer's fee.


  • Is the Client Purchase Price the same as the retail price?

    No, the Client Purchase Price is often lower than the retail price as it may include trade discounts that designers receive from suppliers, which are not available to the general public.

  • Do clients pay more than the Client Purchase Price?

    Yes, clients usually pay a marked-up price that covers the Client Purchase Price plus a profit margin for the designer, accounting for their services and expertise.

  • Can clients request to see the Client Purchase Price?

    Absolutely. Transparency is key in the interior design process, and clients can request to see the breakdown of the Client Purchase Price to understand where their investment is going.

Practical Application

When engaging in an interior design project, clients should discuss the pricing structure with their designer, including how Client Purchase Prices will be handled. Understanding this term and how it applies to their project can help clients better manage their budget and expectations. Additionally, designers might consider providing a detailed cost breakdown to ensure transparency and build trust with their clients.