What is California King?

California King refers to a specific size and dimensions of a bed.


When it comes to selecting the right bed, size does matter, especially for individuals seeking ample room to stretch out. One size that stands out in the realm of luxury and comfort is the California King. Unlike its royal counterpart, the standard King, the California King is designed with unique dimensions that cater to specific needs and spatial considerations.

The California King bed measures approximately 72 inches in width by 84 inches in length, making it slightly narrower but longer than a standard King bed, which is typically 76 inches by 80 inches. This additional length makes the California King bed a favored choice for taller individuals or those who simply enjoy more legroom. Its distinctive dimensions also make it an attractive option for aesthetic reasons, as it can change the perception of space in a bedroom, offering a sleek and elongated look.

Selecting a bed is a crucial aspect of bedroom design, as it can significantly impact both the functional and aesthetic components of the space. The California King bed, with its unique size, contributes to a luxurious and comfortable bedroom environment, while also requiring careful consideration of bedroom furniture, bedding, and overall room layout to ensure everything fits harmoniously together.


A California King bed is often found in master bedrooms where space allows for a larger bed size. Designers may recommend it for clients who are particularly tall, as the added length can provide significant comfort. Furthermore, in bedrooms with longer dimensions, a California King can help fill the space more effectively, contributing to a balanced room design.


  • How does a California King compare to a standard King?

    A California King is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a standard King, which typically measures 76 inches by 80 inches. This makes the California King ideal for taller individuals or those desiring more legroom.

  • Can standard King size sheets fit a California King bed?

    No, due to the different dimensions of a California King bed, standard King size sheets will not fit properly. It's important to purchase bedding that is specifically labeled for a California King bed to ensure a correct fit.

  • Is a California King suitable for all bedroom sizes?

    While a California King offers luxurious roominess, it may not be suitable for smaller bedrooms due to its size. It's essential to measure your space carefully and consider the layout and other furniture pieces before selecting a California King bed.

Practical Application

If you're considering a California King bed for your bedroom, start by measuring your space to ensure it can accommodate the bed's dimensions. Remember that you'll need to purchase bedding specifically designed for a California King. Additionally, think about how the bed will fit with your other bedroom furniture and the overall design theme. Opting for a California King can add a luxurious and spacious feel to your bedroom, making it a comfortable haven.