What is a Bobeche?

A decorative element that surrounds the base of a candle or candelabra to catch wax drippings.


A bobeche is a small, often ornate, dish or collar made from glass, crystal, or metal, designed to encircle the base of a candle or the top of a candlestick holder. Its primary function is to catch and collect any wax that may drip down from the candle, protecting surfaces and the candlestick below it. In addition to its practical purpose, a bobeche also serves as a decorative detail, enhancing the aesthetic of candle lighting.

Historically, bobeches were essential accessories for candle lighting, providing an elegant solution to prevent wax spills on fine furniture and tablecloths. Today, they continue to be used for both practical and decorative purposes in homes, churches, and at events where candles are featured. Bobeches can vary greatly in design, from simple, understated styles to more elaborate versions adorned with hanging crystals or intricate patterns.

The use of a bobeche can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a candelabra or candleholder, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. It reflects light, contributing to the ambiance created by candlelight, and can complement the overall decorating principles and elements of a space.


Bobeches are commonly found in traditional, vintage, and classical interior designs, where they are used on candlesticks, chandeliers, and candelabras. They can also be seen in more contemporary settings, where a fusion of old and new decorative elements is embraced. In addition to their use in home decor, bobeches are also commonly used in settings such as weddings, formal dinners, and religious ceremonies to add a decorative touch to candle lighting.


  • Are bobeches only used with real candles?

    No, bobeches can be used with both real and artificial candles. While their primary function is to catch wax from real candles, they also add a decorative element when used with battery-operated or electric candles.

  • Can bobeches be added to any candlestick or candelabra?

    Many bobeches are designed to fit standard candlestick and candelabra sizes, but it's important to check the dimensions to ensure a proper fit. Some are specifically designed to complement particular styles or sets.

  • How do you clean a bobeche?

    For glass or crystal bobeches, mild soap and water or a gentle glass cleaner can be used. Metal bobeches may require specific cleaning methods depending on the type of metal. Always dry thoroughly to prevent water spots.

Practical Application

To beautifully integrate a bobeche into your interior design, consider matching its style and material with the existing decor in your room. For a cohesive look, align the bobeche design with the style of your candlesticks or candelabra and the room’s overall aesthetic. If you’re aiming for a dramatic effect, choose bobeches with dangling crystals or elaborate patterns to catch and refract light. For a subtler appearance, opt for simpler designs.