What is Aubusson?

Aubusson refers to a specific type of French flat-woven tapestry or carpet.


Aubusson is a term that has come to be closely associated with elegance and luxury in the world of interior design. Originating from the town of Aubusson in central France, this form of textile art dates back to the 15th century. Aubusson tapestries and carpets are renowned for their intricate designs, which often feature pastoral scenes, floral motifs, and historic or mythological themes. They are characterized by their flat-weave technique, which allows for detailed imagery and a smooth, tapestry-like finish, distinct from the pile of traditional carpets.

A key distinguishing factor of Aubusson textiles is their production method. Crafted on a horizontal loom, artisans use a meticulous weaving process that involves carefully interlacing dyed woolen threads to create the elaborate designs. This process is time-consuming and skill-intensive, contributing to the exclusivity and value of Aubusson pieces.

In modern settings, Aubusson tapestries and carpets serve not only as luxurious floor coverings but also as statement pieces that add a touch of history and opulence to a room's decor. Their ability to blend seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary interior design styles has made them a favorite among designers and collectors alike.


Aubusson carpets and tapestries are frequently used in high-end residential spaces, such as living rooms, libraries, and bedrooms, to add an element of classical elegance. They are also popular in public buildings and luxury hotels, where they contribute to a sophisticated and grandiose atmosphere.


  • How can I identify an Aubusson carpet?

    You can identify an Aubusson carpet by its flat-weave construction, intricate designs that often include pastoral or mythological themes, and its smooth, tapestry-like surface without a pile.

  • Are Aubusson carpets only available in antique form?

    No, while antique Aubusson carpets are highly sought after, contemporary artisans continue to produce Aubusson-style tapestries and carpets, often inspired by historical designs but adapted for modern interiors.

  • How should I care for an Aubusson tapestry or carpet?

    To preserve the beauty of your Aubusson tapestry or carpet, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, vacuum gently without a beater bar, and consider professional cleaning every few years, especially for antique pieces.

Practical Application

When incorporating an Aubusson carpet or tapestry into your interior design, consider its color palette and pattern to ensure it complements your room's overall theme. These pieces work well as focal points, so place them in areas where they can be appreciated for their artistry. As they can be quite delicate, it's also wise to position them in lower-traffic areas or hang them on walls to preserve their condition.