What is a Zoom Background?

A Zoom Background is a virtual background used in Zoom video calls.


A Zoom Background has evolved from being a simple feature of video conferencing tools like Zoom to a significant element of personal branding and professional presentation in the digital domain. It allows users to replace their real background with an image or video during a video call, providing an opportunity to maintain privacy, control visual presentation, or add a touch of personality.

In the context of interior design, selecting an appropriate Zoom Background can be akin to designing a set or staging an environment for specific purposes, such as a meeting, webinar, or casual call. Professionals in interior design might curate tailored backgrounds that reflect their design aesthetic, showcase their projects, or resonate with their brand identity. For the non-professional, this becomes an opportunity to experiment with design concepts or spotlight personal tastes in design styles, art, or even lighting.

Understanding how to create or select a Zoom Background that complements your personal or professional objectives can significantly enhance how you are perceived in the digital realm. Factors such as color coordination, perceived depth, and relevance to the context of the call are critical considerations. Furthermore, with the enhancement of technology, the ability to create high-quality, realistic backgrounds that mirror physical settings has significantly increased, allowing for more creative and engaging presentations.


Interior design professionals might use Zoom Backgrounds of their latest projects during client presentations to create a branded and supportive visual atmosphere. Alternatively, individuals might choose backgrounds that reflect their personal style, with elements from their favorite design era or aspects that mimic their dream living space. Businesses can also use custom Zoom Backgrounds for team calls to promote branding or celebrate corporate milestones.


  • Can I use any image or video as a Zoom Background?

    Yes, you can use most images or videos as a Zoom Background, but it's best to ensure they meet Zoom's recommended resolution and aspect ratio for the best quality.

  • How do I position myself for the best effect with a Zoom Background?

    Ensure ample lighting facing you, not behind you, to avoid shadows or blending with the background. Position the camera at eye level and at a reasonable distance to avoid distortion.

  • Does changing my Zoom Background affect my internet speed?

    A Zoom Background itself does not significantly affect internet speed, but high-resolution videos as backgrounds might use more processing power, potentially affecting video call quality on slower systems.

  • How can I create a professional-looking Zoom Background?

    Use high-quality images that represent your brand or personal style, ensure the background is uncluttered, and consider elements like balance and color scheme to create a visually appealing backdrop.

  • Are there copyright restrictions on Zoom Backgrounds?

    Yes, you should only use images or videos you have the rights to or are free for public use. Copyrighted material used without permission could lead to legal issues.

Practical Application

To utilize a Zoom Background effectively, start by considering the purpose of your call and the message you want to convey. Select or design a background that aligns with these objectives, remembering to keep the visual clean and relevant. For professional settings, consider designing a bespoke background that includes your logo or branding elements. Regularly updating your Zoom Background to reflect current projects or seasonal themes can also keep your presentation fresh and engaging.