What is a Statement Piece?

A bold, distinctive item that draws attention and sets the tone for a space.


In the world of interior design, a statement piece is a bold and distinctive item chosen specifically for its ability to draw attention and dictate the overall feel or theme of a room. It serves as a focal point, encouraging conversation and community within a space. These pieces are often colorful, large, or uniquely designed, enabling them to stand out and command attention.

Choosing a statement piece requires an understanding of the balance between the item and the space it occupies. It should complement existing decorative objects and furniture types, yet still be distinct enough to convey a personal or curated aesthetic. The right statement piece not only revives a space but also reflects the personality and style of its occupants.

The effectiveness of a statement piece lies in its placement and context. Proper positioning ensures it becomes a centerpiece without overshadowing other elements. Additionally, the item's design elements, such as its color and patterns, texture, and form, should harmonize with the room’s overall design scheme, creating a cohesive but striking look.


Common examples of statement pieces in interior design include an oversized piece of art and sculpture, a uniquely-shaped lighting fixture, a bold rug, or an eye-catching piece of furniture like a brightly colored sofa. In commercial spaces, a statement piece might be a large-scale mural or an architectural feature such as a grand staircase.


  • How do I choose a statement piece for my space?

    Consider the room's existing decor, colors, and overall theme. Look for a piece that complements these elements while also adding a unique twist. Consider the scale and how the piece will fit into the available space. A statement piece should be bold but not overwhelm the room.

  • Can a statement piece be functional as well as decorative?

    Absolutely. Many statement pieces are chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their functionality. For example, a striking architectural element like a fireplace can serve as a statement piece while providing warmth and comfort to a room.

  • Do I need a large space for a statement piece?

    Not necessarily. While larger spaces can accommodate larger statement pieces, even smaller rooms can benefit from a carefully chosen item that draws the eye. The key is to balance the proportion of the piece with the overall space.

Practical Application

When integrating a statement piece into your decor, start by ensuring the room has a unified theme or palette. Use your statement piece as an anchor around which to arrange other elements. Be mindful of its placement, so it stands out without clashing with surrounding items. Lastly, allow your statement piece to reflect your personal flair or the branding of a commercial space, making it a true representation of its environment.