What is a Pembroke Table?

A Pembroke table is a versatile, drop-leaf table with twin flaps on its longer sides.


A Pembroke table is a multi-functional piece of furniture that stands out due to its distinctive features. Originating in the 18th Century, it has since become a beloved choice for both its practicality and aesthetic charm. Characteristically, this table comes equipped with two drop leaves on its longer sides, which can be extended to increase surface area or dropped down to save space, making it incredibly adaptable to different room settings and needs.

The table is typically small to medium in size, which allows it to serve a variety of functions, from a side table or nightstand to a writing desk or dining table for smaller spaces. It often includes a drawer or two for additional storage, enhancing its utility. The legs of a Pembroke table are usually straight or slightly tapered, occasionally adorned with decorative details like inlays or carvings, contributing to its elegant appearance.

Considering its versatile design, the Pembroke table can seamlessly blend into a variety of design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Its functionality, coupled with its classic allure, makes it a popular choice for interior designers and furniture enthusiasts alike.


The Pembroke table is commonly found in homes as a multitasking piece of furniture. It can be placed in a living room as a side table, offering extra space for books or decorations. In a bedroom, it might serve as a compact writing desk or a convenient bedside table. Also, its ability to expand makes it a perfect choice for small dining areas or as additional surface space during gatherings.


  • What is the origin of the Pembroke table?

    The Pembroke table originated in the 18th Century. It is named after the Countess of Pembroke, who is believed to have commissioned the first table of this design.

  • How can a Pembroke table be identified?

    A Pembroke table can be identified by its twin drop leaves on the longer sides, usually accompanied by a drawer or two for storage, and straight or slightly tapered legs.

  • Why is a Pembroke table considered versatile?

    Its versatility comes from the drop-leaf design, allowing it to function compactly as a side or bedside table while also being able to expand into a larger surface for dining or working when needed.

  • Can a Pembroke table fit into modern interior designs?

    Absolutely. Despite its historical origins, the Pembroke table’s sleek and functional design makes it suitable for a variety of design styles, including modern and contemporary interiors.

Practical Application

When incorporating a Pembroke table into your interior design, consider its placement based on your spatial needs and functionality. Use it in areas where flexibility is a must. For instance, placing it in a small living room can provide additional surface space when needed without occupying too much room. Its drop-leaf feature also makes it a practical solution for occasional dining spaces in compact apartments. Ensure to complement its design by choosing a Pembroke table that harmonizes with the esthetic of your space, whether you're leaning towards a traditional or a more contemporary look.