What is a Fleur De Lis?

A stylized lily or iris, used as a decorative design or symbol.


The Fleur De Lis is a timeless symbol that transcends cultures and periods, rooted in history yet still relevant in contemporary design. Traditionally representing purity, light, and life, this decorative motif takes the form of a stylized lily or iris, featuring three petals bound together near their bases. It's a design that holds a wealth of history, originally associated with the French monarchy, religion, specifically with saints of the Catholic Church, and heraldry, serving as an insignia for noble families and knights.

In interior design, Fleur De Lis has been embraced across a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern, and incorporated into various decorative objects, textiles, and architectural elements. Its elegant curves and sophisticated silhouette lend an air of regality and refinement to any space. Designers might use this motif in everything from wallpaper patterns and fabric designs to metalwork and accent pieces. The Fleur De Lis can also be found in the detailing of furniture, door hardware, and even in lighting fixtures, adding a touch of historical elegance and timeless appeal.


The Fleur De Lis motif is used in various aspects of interior design, including but not limited to: wallpaper designs, fabric prints, door knockers, lamp designs, throw pillows, and as an architectural detail on buildings or furniture. It is often seen in settings that aim to evoke a sense of tradition, luxury, or historical significance, but can also be incorporated into more contemporary designs.


  • Is the Fleur De Lis only used in French-themed interiors?

    No, the Fleur De Lis is widely used beyond French-themed interiors. Its versatile and elegant design makes it suitable for a variety of interior styles, from traditional to modern.

  • Can the Fleur De Lis be used in modern interior design settings?

    Absolutely. While it carries historical connotations, the Fleur De Lis can be reimagined or simplified to fit seamlessly into modern and minimalist interior designs.

  • Does the Fleur De Lis have any specific meanings?

    Historically, the Fleur De Lis has been associated with purity, light, and life. It was also a symbol of the French monarchy and has been used widely in heraldry and religious contexts. In interior design, it primarily serves as an emblem of elegance and refinement.

Practical Application

Incorporating the Fleur De Lis into your interior design can add a layer of elegance and historical depth to your space. Consider using it in small doses, such as in throw pillows, wall art, or door hardware, to avoid overwhelming the decor. For a contemporary twist, look for pieces that offer a modern interpretation of the motif, using materials like stainless steel or simplified graphic representations.